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Second Look: A look at prefold cloth diaper resources online!

Posted by Julie on 2/3/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To
This week we've been all about prefolds and methods of cloth diapering out Grandma's might have used. We even have a prefold related Feed Your Stash Friday giveaway going on.

In this post we'll cover some online prefold resources you might find helpful should you choose to use prefold diapers.

Dirty Diaper Laundry

A blog that is a great cloth diaper resource. She's reviewed dozens and dozens of cloth diapers and has a youtube video with tutorials on cloth diaper folding, washing, and more.

Want to see our popular Thirsties Diaper Cover and Hemp Prefolds in action? Check out DDL's video below.

Prefold Folding Tutorials on Youtube

Youtube is really a great cloth diapering resource, even we have our own channel with diaper reviews and demos. See below for one of our recent videos, "How to fold prefold diapers".

Do you quick search on youtube for "prefolds" or "diaper folding techniques" and you'll find a bunch more great videos made by mamas trying to hep each other out!

The Snappi Fastener

This is a great post on Diaperpin which will show you how to use a Snappi fastener, which is a modern day clot diaper accessory that has replaced the need for safety pins.

Click here to check out the step by step Snappi demonstration.

These should be some good tips to get you started and to give you a better grasp on what it's like to use prefold cloth diapers.

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