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#SealedwithaPin Pin your love of Cloth Diapers with us and win!

Posted by Julie on 2/4/2013 to Contests & Giveaways

Introducing "Sealed with a Pin"

This is Diaper Junction's first official Pinterest contest and we're excited to share it with you just in time for Valentines Day of course!

Are you a fan of Pinterest? Then this promotion is just for you!

Create a #Sealedwithapin Pin Board and pin the required items. Submit your board and you could win a $50 Gift Certificate to Diaper Junction!

How to pin and win?

Step One: Follow Diaper Junction on Pinterest.

Step Two: Create a pin board specifically for this promotion and title it "Sealed with a Pin."

Step Three: Pin each of the TEN required items from the image on this blog post.

Step Four: Make sure to tag your pin board with the required #sealedwithapin hashtag so it will easily be found when/if we need to search for it.

Step Five: Head back to this blog post and submit your entry and link to your pin board!

That's it! It's that easy to enter to win.

Rules and Guidelines:

Participants have from noon February 4th through 11:59 pm EST February 14th, 2013 to submit their entries. Winners entries will be verified.

One winner will be chosen at random and will win a $50 Gift Certificate to Diaper Junction!

This contest is now closed.


Date 2/4/2013
Just finished - here's my pinboard http://pinterest.com/crappyhousewife/sealed-with-a-pin-contest/
Date 2/5/2013
Date 2/5/2013
Elizabeth Glaser
I had fun doing this contest! I actually wanted to pin every Diaper Rite diaper, and cover in every color! I love them... I entered the info above, but here again is my link: http://pinterest.com/miss_glaser/sealed-with-a-pin/
Date 2/5/2013
I submitted mine ... but when I tried searching with the hashtag none of my pins (or anyone elses turned up for that matter) ... should I worry about that? Also I am totally in line with Elizabeth Glaser, I <3 me some Diaper Rite ... I only wish they had their covers when I first started out ... maybe I will have to break my no more diaper rule and get one when the new baby arrives ^_^
Date 2/5/2013
Elina Vath
This was a fun pinboard to make! I took advantage and made my first homemade cloth diapering/informative video. http://pinterest.com/imelina/sealed-with-a-pin/
Date 2/6/2013
Heather A
Date 2/7/2013
http://pinterest.com/gustinesarah/sealed-with-a-pin/ ; had a blast making this board.
Date 2/7/2013
Here's my board - what fun!! http://pinterest.com/zephyrhillblog/sealed-with-a-pin/
Date 2/8/2013
Deirdre Thompson
So excited about this giveaway! Here is my board- http://pinterest.com/mommadee615/sealed-with-a-pin-diaper-junction-contest-sealedwi/
Date 2/8/2013
Made my board. Not sure I tagged it correctly though! Here's my URL! http://pinterest.com/gertie0223/sealed-with-a-pin-sealedwithapin/
Date 2/8/2013
How fun! http://pinterest.com/mindyfarmer/sealedwithapin/
Date 2/8/2013
Here's my entry - http://pinterest.com/akumm44/sealed-with-a-pin/
Date 2/8/2013
Kristen Brown
This was fun! Good luck to everyone who enters! http://pinterest.com/krduffy84/sealed-with-a-pin/
Date 2/8/2013
Date 2/10/2013
Date 2/11/2013
Alicia Hedrick
So much fun, though I found that a few things to applied to multiple items, I tried to make everyone different. http://pinterest.com/abotich87/sealed-with-a-pin/
Date 2/11/2013
Elizabeth Dickson
Date 2/11/2013
Marie Heimann
What a fun contest! We don't submit our link here in the comments though right? Just with the entry form? It would be a nice contest to win as our first baby is coming any day now (due 17th!)
Date 2/11/2013
Anne H
My Sealed with a Pin Board http://pinterest.com/awhutchinson/sealed-with-a-pin/
Date 2/13/2013
Megan McFeeter
Yay! That was fun lol. I NEVER win anything, and it would be awesome to win this, because I have been wanting to order something from diaper junction for a while now! http://pinterest.com/meganmcfeeter/sealed-with-a-pin/
Date 2/14/2013
Lily Ivey
This was so fun. Here's my board: http://pinterest.com/lilydom76/sealed-with-a-pin/
Date 2/14/2013
I enjoyed looking at other's boards and creating my own entry. It was fun to reflect on my stash & why I CD as well as thinking up a good new mom gift. http://pinterest.com/sdjeanniez3/sealed-with-a-pin/

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