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Save BIG on Cloth Diapers with Diaper Packages

Posted by Julie on 10/29/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To

Save more when you buy more!

Once you've determined which cloth diaper brand or style you love, the next step is investing in them. You may not cloth diaper full time from the start but for most that is the goal.

cloth diaper package,prefolds Purchasing a cloth diaper package deal is a great way to save on cloth diapers and get what you need in one easy order.

What do you need to know about Diaper Junction's Cloth Diaper Packages?

Diaper Junction offers many different brands and styles of cloth diaper packages and also has a variety of options to suit every budget.

Newborn Packages often contain prefolds and covers and are the most economical to start.

Hybrid Packages are both economical and versatile. Use with cloth inserts, biodegradable inserts, prefolds and more. Both Flip and GroVia are superb hybrid cloth diaper systems.packages,cloth diapers

One Size Packages are perfect for those with more than one in cloth diapers at the same time. Families can use the same diapers on a newborn and a toddler and can often eliminate their need for additional diapers or sizes.

Other great packages we offer are our HALF-time Cloth Diaper Package, On-the-go Package, Cloth Diaper Care package and GroVia Experience Package.

So what are your thoughts? Did cloth diaper packages make it easier for you to get all you needed in order to cloth diaper?

*Don't forget, we ship FREE to the USA on all orders over $49 which means most of our cloth diaper packages ship to you FREE!



Date: 11/1/2013
nice idea to have those kinds of packages :)
Rachel Schoonmaker
Date: 11/2/2013
I haven't purchased one of these packages as I prefer to try out particular types of diapers before stocking up on them. Has DJ thought about making a mixed diaper package? Different hybrid or one size brands instead of just one brand? I'd be very interested in something like that. :)
Date: 11/5/2013
I would love to purchase a starter package, but I would hate to pay for one and then discover that I don't like that particular brand. I would prefer packages with a variety of brands.
Kim H
Date: 11/12/2013
I had looked at the packages, but wasn't sure what brand of wraps we would like the best, so we ordered some of a couple brands. I think a variety of brands in a package would be a great idea for both those starting out & those who use different brands for different situations or time of day.
Peta-Gaye Daniel
Date: 1/1/2015
Love the value in the Grovia and BumGenius packages I've purchased from Diaper Junction.
Katie M
Date: 1/16/2015
Thanks for the info! I mostly have Thirsties for the newborn for next month but when I need to upgrade when we get to size 2 I'm considering checking out Grovia and would love to save money with a hybrid package.

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