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Safe, Fashionable and Fun, Jellystone Teethers and Teething Jewelry!

Posted by Julie on 12/15/2012 to New Products
Today we're focusing on safe, non-toxic, fashionable and fun teething products from Jellystone Designs!

Teething can be a pain, literally, Jellystone has seen a need and produced a product line you will love!

About Jellytone

What's so special about Jellystone and why are mom's and their babies loving it?

For Mom and Baby

Teething or not there's one thing I know, when my babies were nursing they needed something to play with and I prefer it wasn't honking my nose, pulling my hair or tweaking my other nipple!

Jellystone's line of teething jewelry is safe for baby to teethe on, play with and poses no choking hazard. It's BPA free, non toxic and made of silicone.

The necklaces cord is mat cotton and it features a breakaway clasp should you need to remove it in a hurry or should it get caught on something.

The Organic Pendant, Owl and other designs are fashionable to wear with or without baby and is even a great gift for expectant moms.

For baby and toddler

Jellystone's jChew teethers are available in a fun Smartphone or Chocolate Bar design.

Bright colors, soft and safe silicone and great texture makes this the perfect teether. It's fun too!

jChew is easily cleaned and even features a place you can use to attach to a paci clip if needed.

These fun shapes and designs have babies drooling!

If you're looking for a perfect gift for your baby or toddler, a trendy teething necklace that doesn't look like something your Grandmother would wear or an excellent and unique gift for a friend, then you have GOT to check out Jellystone products on!