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SEVEN TIPS for Re-selling Your Cloth Diapers!

Posted by Becca on 7/21/2015 to Cloth Diaper How-To
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Tips for Reselling Cloth Diapers

One thing I have always liked about using cloth diapers is that they maintain their resale value and you can often get much of your money back when you are done using them. I have a friend who sold her entire stash after using it for two kids and got about $300 for it all. Unfortunately, this isn’t as simple as just listing them on eBay, but from my limited experience reselling parts of my stash, I’ve found that there are some good ways to get a good return for your used cloth diapers.

1) Don’t wait to sell until your diapers are overly used and loved.

For instance, I’ve finally decided to retire most of my bumGenius 3.0 stash. Shortly after writing about how long they’ve lasted (they are six years old and have 4 or more years of solid use), I noticed the leg elastics starting to droop and I honestly don’t feel like replacing them. I’d rather just restash, especially since I feel that I’ve gotten a good return for my investment from these diapers at this point. If I do sell them, I won’t get as good a price as I would if I were selling 4.0s, which is the current BG model. My diapers are in remarkable shape for their age, but most people aren’t looking to buy such an old model.

2) Snaps seem to sell better than hook and loop closures because they last so long and are so durable. This doesn’t mean you can’t resell your hook and loop diapers, just that they might not bring back as much of your investment.

3) Carefully choose where to sell them. You could sell on eBay, Diaperswappers, in the Babycenter cloth diaper forum (or other similar mommy/cloth diapering forum), on a yard sale website, or even back to some retailers, most of whom will give you store credit for them.

4) Do some research and choose a realistic price. Look at the prices other similar cloth diaper lots are actually selling for (not necessarily the listing price), and choose something within that range.

5) Take a good photograph. Good photography really sets a listing apart. Put your diapers in a well lit (preferably naturally lit) place with a solid color, clean background, and take a picture without flash. Flash often darkens the background and distorts the color of the product. However, if you know what you’re doing, you can use flash in a well lit and clean space to clean up any high contrasting shadows in your photo. These days a smartphone will take a great picture and it’s easy to upload photos of your stash from a phone. You can even edit the photos on your phone, just be sure you edit them so the photo is as true to life as possible. A poorly photographed product is less likely to beg a high price because the photograph will present the product as poor quality. You want to show of your best assets.

6) Be very honest about what you are selling. Mention any stains, wilted elastics, or closures that need to be replaced. You want to keep a good reputation on the site where you choose to sell your wares, and you don’t want to have to deal with any returns.

7) Sell more than one diaper. It seems that buyers are more willing to purchase an entire lot of cloth diapers rather than just one or two. I know I am, because you end up paying less shipping this way.

I haven’t sold a lot of my diapers because I get ridiculously attached to them, but I have sold a couple here and there as well as other things on Etsy and eBay, and I have found that the tips listed above ring true not just for diapers but for just about any product (used or handmade) that you want to sell online. So, good luck with reselling and restashing!