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Reusable Swim Diaper Care and Use

Posted by Bert on 7/18/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To
swim diaper Swim diapers, they're cute and serve a very specific purpose - they keep the poop contained. If you're on the fence about cloth diapering you should look into a reusable swim diaper. I have many non-cloth diapering friends that use swim diapers. There is a difference in some of the swim diapers that we carry. Some, like our iPlay products, are able to hold some pee into a padded lining sewn within the diaper while others, like our Imse Vimse, simply allow the pee to just flow easily off of the diaper and onto the unsuspecting parent holding the baby. (Yes, that parent was me about three weeks ago.

swim diaper

Eh, what's a little pee, right?) How do you care for you swim diaper though?

It depends on the diaper that you have; like I said, some merely prevent accidents from happening, I mean escaping, while others can contain both solids and liquids in the diaper. The great thing about all of the swim diapers that we carry is that they all have snug fitting legs that are certain to contain most messes. Remember, though, don't allow your baby to sit in a mess for any extended period of time.

The majority of our swim diapers are the kind that contain solids so the wash and care instructions are easy: Simply wash the diaper in cold or warm water and tumble dry on low or air dry. To prolong the life of your swim diaper please rinse it out with non-chlorinated water!

swim diaper

The iPlay swimwear and swim diapers are different from the other swim diapers in our store. To wash the iPlay diaper or any of their swimwear you'll want to machine wash in warm or cold water. Here's the difference between the iPlay and other swim diapers:

iPlay specifically asks that you do not put the diaper or any of their swimwear into the dryer. Doing this may cause the diaper to melt. Air dry only, please!

It's really not difficult to care for your swim diaper and any iPlay swimwear. You won't wash it the same way you do your cloth diapers, although you probably could throw them in with the dirty diapers. In fact...I have! It's not the recommended way to wash though, so be careful if you do this you may void the warranty. Happy swimming!