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Reflections, A Northern Lights Inspired Lalabye Baby Print, has stocked!

Posted by Julie on 2/3/2017 to Cloth Diaper News

Lalabye Baby Reflections has stocked at!

Looking for a gorgeous and super unique cloth diaper print? Lalabye Baby's newest limited edition print is named Reflections and is quite stunning. This lovely diaper features the silhouettes of popular woodland creatures like moose, deer, eagle, wolves and more against the colorful pattern of the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights.

Reflections, a Limited Edition Cloth Diaper Print

Reflections is a limited edition print which Diaper Junction stocked on 2/3/17 in limited quantity.

What makes this cloth diaper print so special? Reflections has several unique bum placements so that every diaper is unique in it's own way. Due to the silhouettes of the animals and their reflections, you no longer have to worry about upside down prints that aren't visually appealing. Whether right side up or upside down, all Reflections print diapers are gorgeous and print placement is appropriate.

Only a limited quantity of Reflections remain in stock at this time. Shop our selection of Lalabye Baby cloth diapers here.