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Reasons to Fall in Love with Fitted Cloth Diapers

Posted by Bert on 6/6/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To
I love fitted diapers; absolutely, whole-heartedly LOVE them. This wasn’t always the case for me. You see, I use to fear them; I mean I wouldn’t be caught within five feet of a fitted diaper. I’m not sure why I felt this way. I think it was the fact that there was an extra step in the process that scared me. Plus, I thought that they were sized diapers and wouldn’t be economical because of that. I guess the name fitted sounded too fancy for me and because of that I stayed away.

Reasons to LOVE Fitted Cloth Diapers

fitteds,cloth diapers Well, once I got over the name of the fitted and the fact that I had to have a diaper cover to accompany the diaper, I fell in love with this kind of diaper for many reasons but here are the main ones:

1. They are trim; the absorbent layers of the diaper are sewn in-between the outer fabrics so you don’t have to stuff or layer anything that may become bulky during wear into the diaper. Also most fitted diapers have the hidden layer made of some very powerful absorbent fabrics such as hemp and bamboo.

2. Fitteds are a great option for nighttime diapering. Hands down, my favorite nighttime diapering solution is a good fitted with a wool cover. You can't go wrong here; both the fitted and the wool cover allow for the skin to breathe a little.

3. The colors and designs are just too cute for words! Plus, have you felt a fitted diaper? Heck, I want to wear y daughter's Little Comfort fitted! It's like a soft, plush padded diaper for her little hiney!

So what do you think about fitteds? Nervous about using them? Or are you a fitted enthusiast like myself?

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Evette Marquez
Date: 6/6/2013
The past couple days I've been curious about them. I don't know if I want to try them or not. Kinda on the fence right now.
Date: 6/6/2013
Originally I hated them because one of the first diapers I ever tried was a fitted made out of flannel. This was 9 years ago and diapers are just made better now. I skipped them completely with my second CD'd baby but tried them again this time around because so many people raved about kissaluvs size 0 for newborns. Now I like them. I just got a dozen prefitteds to use with wool. I'd love to branch out a little and try a variety of fitteds and wool. I love natural fibers but my baby's bottom doe
Date: 6/6/2013
I love fitted diapers! If they weren't so expensive I would ditch my prefolds and just do fitteds and covers! :)
Melissa C.
Date: 6/7/2013
I love using fitteds around the house during the day and at night (under wool) for breathability! But I generally like simpler tipes, like prefold fitteds, for easy washing.
Date: 6/7/2013
I have been using thirsties covers and inserts but fitteds then the cover would probably work better, we seem to leak a lot.
Date: 6/7/2013
I have a Kissaluvs Size 0, and I'm a pretty big fan. The only thing that I question is that when my munchlet wears it while sleeping, pretty much the whole thing gets soaked, and it seems like she's wearing sopping pee pants all over her lower torso. With other diapers, the absorbancy is concentrated down in the crotch, and therefore the pee seems to stay more down in that direction. Maybe that's a weird thought; don't have any experience with other fitteds, but I'm interested in branching out
Date: 6/7/2013
They sound like something I should try for overnights! Right now my one year old is is disposables because we spent a load of money ($300ish) on one brand and one size and he was constantly leaking through them! We have another on the way (I'm 22weeks) and we really want to try cloth diapers again! These sound like a good choice, or I should at least look into it. The fact of covers is a little scary but we need to try something else :)
Date: 6/7/2013
I like fitteds! The whole diaper is absorbent (instead of just an insert), so they are great for naps and nighttime!
Hannah D
Date: 6/7/2013
I've thought about fitteds - ordered a few newborn DJ ones for my little one due soon, but possibly could be a solution for nighttime for my 21-mo. old?
Jennifer Correa
Date: 6/7/2013
I really have been wanting to try a fitted with wool cover on my son. I see the cute prints and I melt lol. I only have pockets, best bottoms, prefold and covers right now.
Brynn Shellenberger
Date: 6/7/2013
I'm definitely nervous about trying them! I haven't branched out to CD at night yet, maybe a fitted will be my night time solution?
Date: 6/7/2013
Would love to try them but haven't taken the plunge yet due to cost. Slightly obsessed with the idea of fitted and wool for nighttime!
Date: 6/8/2013
I've used a hybrid fitted before but didn't really like it. I bought it used and I don't think the original owner cared for it properly. I want to try a fitted for night time since we have leaking issues with every other diaper we've tried. But I'm a bit nervous to buy some and have them not work
Date: 6/8/2013
I am yet to own a fitted and this blog has sparked a keen interest in me to add one to my stash.
Date: 6/10/2013
Cloth diapering is soo easy.. Give it a try.
Date: 6/10/2013
Thank you for this post. My baby is due October 8th and I am researching cloth diapers now.
Rachel N
Date: 6/10/2013
I love fitteds for night time and for going coverless when we need to air out a rash. I save the cute ones for day time though:)
Bridget Briscione
Date: 6/11/2013
we only use fitteds at night now, with a blueberry or thirsties cover and an extra hemp insert. Would love to try wool at some point- maybe with our next baby on the way! I swear by them for night and recommend them to anyone having issues with nighttime leaks. We also have lots of cute WAHM hybrid fitteds that we use for naps and daytime, with no cover.
Date: 6/13/2013
I'm beginning to see the importance of fitted diapers. For baby #2 I'm going to sew up my own. I think they fit well on newborns and will be absorbent enough for their little diaper changes.
Kim Hendricks
Date: 6/13/2013
Never tried them - they seem like they would be pretty similar to our prefold & cover system, but they are considerably more expensive than our prefolds. Cost was the major reason that we chose to cloth diaper, so we will probably stick with our current system unless we get wealthy all of a sudden!
cassie M
Date: 6/14/2013
I loved fitted! didnt see what was so great until i tried them but couldnt afford to do just fitteds
Melissa Topil
Date: 10/14/2013
I am beginning to think i need to invest in some fitted, everyone seems to love them.
Date: 12/29/2013
My LO is due any day now and I've built up a small stash with a few different types of diapers. I'm the most excited to try the fitteds - they're so soft and sweet! I have a Kissaluv v 2.0, a Sloomb mini snapless, and I just ordered a CMD workhorse. I'm intrigued to see which will be my favourite. Any other recommendations?
jennifer laur
Date: 4/19/2014
i adore fitteds. i started using them just at night, as a solution to our leaking pockets. now i wish my whole stash could be various fitteds!
Eliza Beth Wells
Date: 7/18/2014
Fitteds are the best for nighttime!
Leslie McOmber
Date: 4/18/2015
After using fitteds for night time, I will never go back! Next to try is a wool cover!

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