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Presents for Mom and Dad, Yes or No?

Posted by Julie on 12/10/2012 to Mom Madness
The holidays are nearing and shopping and gift gathering has begun.

In the hustle and bustle do you forgo buying gifts for your significant other and vice versa?

Gifts for Mom and Dad?

In our house when the kids were little or just born, we were so enamored with what to buy them and how to make the holidays most special for them that we began skipping buying gifts for each other. Sure there has been the occasional gift that just came along, but for the most part we focused on the kids and my spouse and I simply had a sort of agreement that we wouldn't shop for each other.

This year we've decided to get back to there being presents under the tree or goodies in the Christmas stockings for mom and dad. Not because we need it but because the kids want to buy presents for dad or mom and because they've began to wonder, "why doesn't mommy or daddy have a present?" etc.

It's pretty easy to explain away and presents still aren't necessary but we've agreed to make an effort to start making sure there are gifts for all to open on Christmas day, even if it's a homemade gift or something little. Just for the fun of it.

Do you and your significant other shop for each other?

We'd love to know your thoughts. Do you shop for each other or make gifts? Do you not do gifts for grown ups? How do you explain to the kids or when you have to explain what will you say?

Please share with us what your family does in regards to gifting.