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Prefolds and Aristocrats for nghttime diapering and beyond!

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 12/20/2007 to Troubleshooting
The new Aristocrats Wool Longies have hit the online cloth diaper stores just in time to warm your baby's legs during the cooler winter months. Where did the Aristocrats Wool Longies come from? Well, it seems as if the Aristocrats Wool Soakers went and sprouted legs, allowing for an even more generous, full coverage over just about any style of cloth diapers. We like to recommend pulling them over securely fastened prefold diapers to reduce the amount of diaper bulk, but any cloth diaper, such as a fitted diaper, will work fine.Wool Soakers have long been considered a night-time cloth diapering option for heavy wetters. The double-layered knit design in the body of the original Aristocrats Wool Soaker gave extra absorbency right through the stride where baby needs it most. Now, with the addition of legs, these Wool Soakers took on the name "Longies."Absolutely breathable, yet dry to the touch, wool longies make for effective, leak-resistant pajama bottoms over your baby's prefold diapers. The Aristocrats Wool Longies are too bulky to wear under more fitted clothing, like pants, however many moms use them over their child(ren)'s cloth diapers as pants when out and about; they also make adorable, natural "tights" under little girls' dresses in cooler weather.

With all of the benefits how can you go wrong?

The Aristocrats Wool Longies, along with prefold diapers, are a sensible purchase for the pocketbook, environment and your baby's comfort. The natural wool fiber is both thermal and yet, remains dry. In other words, even though it can store water vapour up to 35 percent of its own weight, it remains ABSOLUTELY DRY. The breathability factor of wool longies can't be beat; ample circulation cools your baby's most sensitive areas alleviating trapped heat.We all know that keeping baby dry is one of the first ways to fight against diaper rash, but another way that the Aristocrats Wool Longies reduce infection is through the built-in anti-bacterial properties of lanolin. Yep, the all natural lanolin found in wool kills germs that cause odors. This means you'll not likely have issues with your wool longies becoming stinky or, if re-lanolized occasionally, losing their water barrier. Easy to use and easy to care for, wool soakers are dirt and dust resistant. The lanolin acts as a self-cleaner, reducing the time you spend washing diaper covers.