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Prefold Diapers

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 12/6/2007 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
Prefold DiapersIf I could only select one style of cloth diapers, I would chose prefold diapers. Not only are they the most economical cloth diapering system available, but they are comfortably soft, exceptionally durable, highly absorbent, and even beyond that, prefold diapers are compatible with just about every diaper cover made.

Prefold Diapers - Upon Arrival

When prefold diapers first arrive they are surprisingly large, scratchy and stiff. We've had more than one customer call or email to let us know that the prefold diapers they just received are nothing like the soft, quilted cloth diapers listed on our web page; and they would be right. At that point we let them know there is an initial preparation of 3 to 4 wash and dry cycles.Prefold diapers will not be able to absorb without this prep time, so don't short change it. Even though all the prefold diapers go through a bleaching process (non-chlorine, don't worry), there are still natural oils left within the material. The multiple washes will strip these oils, fluffing up the cotton fibers within for that wonderful rippled and quilted effect.If you cloth diaper your baby in an unwashed/unprepared prefold diaper, it WILL NOT ABSORB. It'd be like a run-off drain…right on your hip or wherever your baby may be resting.

Economical Prefold Diapers Are Durable

Think of any clothing or undergarment that you have right now that you've been able to wear or use for more than a few years. Now, of those items, which do you wear every single day at least once? Right. Diapers need to be created with a higher level of quality than clothing because they are washed more regularly and must stand up to the rigors of washing and drying and…usage.Prefold Diapers, as inexpensive as they are, can be used through subsequent children. The nature of their weave and shape means the fibers will break down slower and that baby will be able to wear them longer. Need a smaller diaper, fold down the front and sides. Need a larger diaper, open the prefold up. There are several cloth diaper folding techniques available for you to peruse if you're considering using prefold diapers for the foundation of your cloth diapering system.

Use Prefold Diapers with Nearly any Diaper Cover

With prefold diapers you can stuff a pocket diaper for added night-time absorbency, trif-fold them into wrap-style diaper covers, or even secure them to baby with diaper pins or the snappi diaper fastener. No other cloth diaper can boast so much versatility.Not only that, but prefold diapers do not end their usefulness when your babes have all finished up their potty training. We use them for washing the cars, dusting the house, washing our faces, wiping windows, keeping dog drool off the car - y'know, so many uses.