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Potty Training is No Express Flight

Posted by Bryana on 8/13/2007 to Potty Training

We often get asked about Potty Training - or rather, HOW to Potty Train a child that has been cloth diapered. There are a gamut of questions that come from both sides of the cloth diapering spectrum; questions like "How will they know NOT to pee in their cotton training underwear when they've always peed and pooped in their cotton diapers?" to "Is it true that babies that have been cloth diapered potty train easier?"

And these are good questions. The answer? It is different for every child; let's talk. One online momma I know, although not necessarily a cloth diapering advocate, wrote an entire blog entry, We're Not Potty Training where she says,
"I like to think of potty training as more of a wandering road than an express flight."

Yes, exactly.

First, no child is different. Your child may be afraid to poop in the potty while another child can poop just fine, but can't seem to hold the pee. Some children aren't interested and some children are way excited. Some children really respond well to awards and others could care less whether they'll get a M&M candy if they pee/poop in the potty.

Potty Training doesn't normally happen overnight and if it does, consider your child an anomaly. Boys are not necessarily quicker to train than girls. Girls are not necessarily neater than boys. My apologies if I just de-bunked a couple of myths for you.

And here's the real kicker - in my opinion, how you diapered your child (cloth or paper) is completely irrelevant to how quickly they do or do not potty train.

Here's the good news. Whether you have cloth diapered your child into the Toddler years or never cloth diapered at all, we can help you find soft, comfortable, cloth options that will comfortably fit your child as a day-time training diaper or training pant, as well as overnight undies for night-time diapering.