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Pampering without Pampers

Posted by Bryana on 8/29/2007 to Getting Started

This week I was invited to a baby shower. As in the tradition of expectant mothers, a gift registry was made available at the nearby commercial baby stores or baby sections for me to select a gift to bring to the shower. I enjoy shopping for baby gifts. I remember my first child - my first baby shower. It was a magical time, a special time.

Like most first-time mothers I read and digested all the "popular" and some of the mainstay baby books. Every week I woke up to a new chapter of my baby's life in "What To Expect When You're Expecting" and perused countless names in one of a dozen baby name books I borrowed from our library.

My nursery was brimming with all the things a new mother "needed" in her new nursery. I was even prepared for the later years when a Johnny Jump-Up, scooter, and older toddler games would became a mainstay. From baby clothes to baby furniture and bedding, I felt confident I had selected the absolute best choices for my baby's nursery. Choices that gave me a better opportunity, I thought, to more easily manage and raise a healthy and happy baby.

As I was perusing this momma's registry I noticed she had registered for enough disposable diapers to sink a small ship. And indeed with that much Sodium Polyacrylate ... if the diapers became moist, they just might sink a ship from their weight. I walked down the aisle away from the disposable diapers toward the store's only selection of cloth diapers - Gerber flats and prefolds. Blech. The display wasn't at all attractive. There were no pictures, no means for mom to see how cloth diapers could really fit. There were no adorable cloth diaper covers, easy-to-use snappi fasteners, and no eager, informed employee to help explain the benefits.

I decided I would forgo the gift registry and purchase instead a starter package of cloth diapers and a large sized baby doll. I would make a time I could go and show the mother how to cloth diaper her baby and let her touch and feel the cloth diaper covers and become familiar with the cloth diapering accessories. If mainstream stores weren't going to educate her on how she could really pamper her baby without Pampers, I would.

Believe it or not, it is difficult to resist cloth diapers, especially when someone makes it easy for you. When you feel the difference between 100% soft, absorbent cotton, against 100% hot, but absorbent paper and plastic it makes one think.

This mom opted for cloth diapers. I left the baby with her to practice. She had prepared for everything else - now she was prepared to cloth diaper.