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Out with the old, in with the new

Posted by Bryana on 5/2/2007 to Getting Started

Let's talk about the modernization of cloth diapers, shall we? We all know that cloth diapers have been around for quite some time - ask your grandmother, she'll know, but to say that today's diapers have not advanced would be a falsehood. Yes, you can get the same ol' single-layer, flat squares. And if you're really hankering for it, you can even secure them with metal diaper pins and use waterproof plastic pull-on pants to keep the moisture in. BUT? You don't have to. Nope ... diapers have moved into the new millenium.

What? You would expect otherwise?

Cloth diaper makers and both off and online cloth diaper stores offer a variety of cloth diaper styles that would make your head spin. In fact, the task of finding the cloth diapering system that is just right for you might seem like a daunting one. Never fear, there are many cloth diaper advocates available to assist you in finding that perfect match for your baby's size and your family's system.

Have a heavy wetter - need to tailor absorbency? Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers or bumGenius! diapers are perfect for night time diapering.

Want an organic cotton diaper that snaps on and off as easy as a disposable? Try the many Organic Cotton Diaper options. It is built to fit trim and has a low-rise so it can secure right under babies belly button, allowing for a more comfortable fit inside a cloth diaper cover and under regular baby clothes.

Need to watch the budget, but want a high quality - as in Diaper Service Qualiy - cloth diaper that can wear beneath any cloth diaper cover and wash up easily? Start with the #1 selling prefolds, made of 100% heavyweight cotton twill and available in unbleached/natural and bleached/white. They can easily be secured to baby using a durable and economical "work horse" diaper cover - the Super Whisper Wrap.

The sky is truly the limit with the growing number of WAHMs producing diapers to sell online, as well as the manufacturers that are stepping up production of reusable cloth diapers to meet the growing interest in sustainable diapering alternatives to disposables.