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One Size Diapers, How long can you really expect them to last?

Posted by Julie on 11/13/2013 to Cloth vs. Disposables
The cost savings between using cloth diapers and disposables is a big selling point when people consider switching. The invent of one size diapers helped to further boost the cloth diaper appeal.

cloth diapers,one size,truth Now not only could you save by investing in cloth diapers, you can invest in less cloth diapers because when you use one size diapers they will last from birth through potty training, right? Well this may not always be the case.

Consider clothing. If we only owned enough clothes for one or two days and had to wash and re-wear the same clothes over and over, how long do you suspect they'd last? I personally have some clothes and shoes that I have owned and worn for years, had I needed to wear and wash them daily I am sure they'd be long gone, or rags at the very least, by now.

The same is true for cloth diaper use. Sure you can cloth diaper with the exact amount of cloth diapers you need in order to get you through a day, and YES you can also use one stash of one size cloth diapers on more than one children at the same time. But will these one size cloth diapers really last birth through potty training and beyond?


Cloth diapers will wear out. The less you own the more often they get used and obviously washed. If you're investing in cloth diapers for the long haul, hoping to be able to save and reuse them on future children, you will need more than the bare minimum and you may want to consider more than just one size cloth diapers.

So, now that you know you need more than 'just enough' let's go back to the fact that one size diapers convinced you that you didn't need to invest in sized diapers.

If you had sized diapers you'd use them for a certain period of time, pack them away for future babies and move on to the next size/stage.

Sized diapers provide a better, less bulky fit, and now you're realizing there are more benefits than those alone. If you used sized diapers they MAY actually last because they aren't expected to be used for three years straight!

The BOTTOM line

One size diapers are great, they come in handy for many families and fit lots of different ages and stages. Custom fit and sized diapers also have their benefits and advantages.

If you're cloth diapering to save money and hoping that your "investment" in cloth diapers will allow you to cloth diaper through potty-training, be used on future children or retain enough value so that when you're through you can re-sell them, then you should consider all your options and keep in mind that less cloth diapers = more wear and tear, more cloth diapers = increased longevity and return on investment.

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