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Natural living is a family's business

Posted by CDB Guest on 4/26/2007 to Cloth Diaper News

We talk a lot about cloth diapering here ... *der* we are a cloth diapering blog, however, we are also strong advocates of many other natural family living choices. And by family, we mean everyone in the family. Making more natural living choices means getting everyone on board. It IS a family's business to be about the work of making more earth-friendly, healthy choices.

Mia Putia (means my shop in Sicilian) sets about to help families make wiser natural living choices. This Milwaukee, Wisconsin brick and mortar store sells earth-friendly products for families. Zebedee LeTendre, one of the owners of Mia Putia, is committed far beyond the typical single, childless guy, he'll "strap on a baby carrier, refer folks to a cloth diaper cleaning service or spout words of wisdom he picks up from his regular reading of Mothering magazine. And he likes doing all of the above, he said, anything to help the friends who are his customers." 1.

Mia LeTendre opened this natural bath & body shop to help "attached parents find some of the products they need for their children -- and themselves" 2. "She is considering having parenting groups in her space and plans to network with local doulas and midwives to help educate about attachment parenting, natural childbirth, breastfeeding and homebirth." 2

And this isn't a new trend - this move toward more earth-friendly, healthier choices in living. Betsy Thomas of Bummis started her company in 1988 as a SAHM. "I wanted a business that would allow me to be home with my kids," she said, and she recognized that there was a "growing number of parents" that were "choosing to diaper their babies in cloth because of concerns about the accumulation of disposable diapers in landfill sites." 3

We also strive to offer natural family living products, with a focus on cloth diapers at our family business, Diaper Junction. It was our family's love of cloth diapers, and spreading the knowledge about cloth diapering, that became the foundation for our business ... the business of natural family living.

In this day and time, where landfills are filling, the earth is showing signs of our abuse, and the mantra is re-use, re-cycle, re-new - more natural choices in living is everyone's business.


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