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Natural and Non-Toxic Bug Repellants at DiaperJunction.com

Posted by Julie on 7/20/2013 to Green Living
For many, the use of cloth diapers create an awareness for families who in turn decide to green other aspects of their life. Parents become more concerned with their child's unnecessary exposure to toxic chemicals and seek out more natural options.

One product many don't think there's a suitable natural alternative of is a bug repellant that actually works.

Did you know that DiaperJunction.com offers three different, all-natural, methods for repelling insects without the use of harsh chemicals? Keep reading to learn more about each.

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CJ's Bug Banisher

CJ's All Natural Bug Banisher is combination of witchhazel, citronella, peppermint, neem, lavender and tea tree essential oils among other natural ingredients to keep those bugs away. CJ's BUTTer Bug Banisher testers found this formula to be very effective, even in the buggiest of climates at dusk! Try it for yourself…and say goodbye to yet another ‘mainstream’ chemical-laden product!

Made in the USA and available in a 4oz spray bottle for easy application.

Episencial Mighty Shield Bug Repellant

Planet nectars and essential oils enrich this all-natural bug repellent to work with the skin's own defense system to keep pests away. This lightweight and non-greasy moisturizing formula from Episencial is easy to apply and can be worn alone or with sunscreen. Episencial's benefits are, a full-barrier protection and leaves skin feeling fresh and hydrated, all-natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe irritated skin or previous bug bites, and it provides a natural effectiveness comparitive of 20% DEET.

Also made in the USA and available in a 3.4oz spray bottle.

Mosquitno BandZzz

Mosquitno has a fun and unique product! Outdoor play can be lots of fun until the mosquitos come around. Have no worries--Mosquitno BandZzz keeps bugs away! Mosquitno BandZzz are a 100% silicone band that is infused with natural citronella oil--a safe and pleasant-smelling mosquito deterrent. Each band will last for 6 days--that is up to 150 hours of exposure!

Mosquitno BandZzz are all natural, non-toxic, DEET-free, waterproof, and safe for kids 3 years and up.

For complete details on these natural bug repellants and more please visit DiaperJunction.com!


Date 7/22/2013
Jutta Pearce
I love Episencial products. I should give the Bug Repellant a try. I hate using DEET. And I especially don't want to use it on my kiddos!
Date 7/24/2013
Kim Hendricks
I have considered trying to make my own, but never got around to it. Currently we use an Off Clip On hooked to the back of his shorts & it works pretty good. I might have to give one of these a try & see if they work better!
Date 7/25/2013
Thank you for posting this. I am pregnant right now and kind of paranoid about what I put in/on my body, so it is great to know there are options out there. Not to mention I can use these products on my baby next summer!
Date 7/29/2013
sasha perry
this is great thank you!! my daughter has eczema so i have to be careful of what i put on her skin im going to try the cj's for sure!!

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