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My Cloth Diapering "Top 10" List

Posted by CDB Guest on 3/18/2010 to Frugal Cloth Diapering

We started cloth diapering our first son when he was about 9 months old and we had just discovered we were expecting #2.

We've now been using cloth for a little over two years and haven't looked back! Now that we are now expecting #3 we can watch our savings grow, as well as see how much waste we are not generating!

My Cloth Diapering "Top 10" List

Things I Know NOW That I Wish I Had Known THEN!
  1. How easy it really would be - I expected cloth diapering to be so much more work, but how hard is it to turn a knob on the washer? How hard is it to throw another load into the dryer? And how hard is it to take an extra 5 minutes to stuff them? Not hard at all…easy peasy!
  2. How easy cloth wipes would be - We waited well over a year to make the switch from disposable wipes to cloth baby wipes and I can't believe we waited as long as we did! It made so much sense and we wondered why we spent all that time trying to get the poo-covered disposable wipes into the diaper champ without it clogging…again, seriously. ;-)
  3. The love I'd have for cloth (aka: how I couldn't stand to use a disposable ever again OR the addiction I'd have for cute fluff)
    • I'm not sure if it's the dollar signs, the environmental impact or the ingredients that make up the insides of a disposable but my stomach turns at the thought of having to use one on my sweet boys' bottoms.
    • Seeing my 4 day old baby in a cloth diaper
  4. How much money we really would save - I saw the numbers on all sorts of websites telling me just how much we would potentially save using cloth diapers, but seeing that in our actual budget has been amazing!
  5. How the wash routine would naturally fit into our lives - I expected all these loads of laundry to consume my life, but, it's just one load every couple of days and it does anything but interrupt our lives.
  6. How accepting our family would be - We were so glad when no one batted an eyelash when we announced our desire to switch - instead we got offers to help purchase what we needed!
  7. How fun it would be when friends would announce their switch to cloth - I love when a friend calls me up and asks for advice as they make the switch to cloth diapers! I feel I get more educated on cloth as they ask more and more questions.
  8. How my hubby would join right in - Well, that's misleading, it was actually his idea to make the switch. I'm just glad he jumped right in! Ha! He has been so supportive in this journey, offering great advice as we try new diapers and figure everything out.
  9. We never thought we would use coconut oil on our boys' bottoms! - Coconut has been our "go-to" diaper cream - it's cloth diaper safe and VERY effective! And not to mention, so yummy smelling!
  10. That our children would come to know cloth as a way of life - It is SO great to see our children playing with their stuffed animals, changing their diapers using the itty bitty newborn cloth diapers and scraps of cloth for wipes! Hopefully one day, our boys will come to us with news that they'll be cloth diapering their little ones!