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My 3 Favorite BumGenius Products

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 6/24/2012 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
When I think of modern cloth diapers, BumGenius is instantly a brand that comes to mind! I love this company and all that they stand for! Its easy to fall in love with a company that stands behind its products and works within the community to help others. BumGenius diapers were among the first diapers in my stash and I still love them 10 months later!

Here are my top 3 BumGenius products:

1.BumGenius Elemental This all in one diaper is my favorite naptime diaper! The inside is made with organic cotton and is super absorbent for my heavy wetting son. He never leaks out of these diapers during a marathon nap and the fit is great! I love that Elementals are one-size diapers and will fit such a wide range of babies.

2.BumGenius 4.0 The majority of my stash is pocket diapers and quite a few of them are BumGenius 4.0s. My husband loves that the pocket is wide enough for his big hands and I love that we never get leaks when we use this diaper! Its a great day time option for my son.

3.BumGenius Bottom Cleaner Weve used cloth wipes from the beginning. Theyve always made sense to me. I have a wipe warmer that I keep wet wipes in. The only problem is sometimes I run out of wipes and sometimes Im lazy about making more wet wipes with my wipes solution; Bottom Cleaner to the rescue! I cant tell you how many times this spray has saved a diaper change when I havent had any wet wipes available. I love the Clementine scent and that its made with all natural ingredients. Plus, its super helpful when you have a fussy, squirmy baby. One spray on his bare butt usually gets his attention and keeps him quiet or still for just a second longer.

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Jenny is a cloth diapering, stay at home mama. She writes about her cloth diaper obsession on her blog, Cloth Diaper Revival. She is also a contributor for the She Thinks Media Blogging Network.