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Must-Haves for your Cloth Diaper Starter Stash!

Posted by Julie on 8/11/2015 to Cloth Diaper How-To
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Must-Haves For Your Starter Stash

Cloth diapering isn't complicated but there are certain things you should know and things you can invest in that can make choosing cloth easier.

Below are some must-haves for your starter stash!

Prefolds. Even if you aren't sold on the idea of using these old school cloth diapers as your primary diapering method, they come in handy in ways you can't imagine. They double as inserts, burp cloths and changing pads and can be used as a diaper in a pinch if you have laundry issues and run out of clean pocket diapers or all-in-ones.

Covers. Covers can be used over fitteds, flats and prefolds or over your favorite stay-dry insert. They also double as a swim diaper when needed or can be used over a leaky pocket or makeshift diaper in emergency situations. Covers are economical and easy to use. They don't require washing after every use, simply replace your absorbent insert or diaper and reuse the cover until you feel or smell that it needs laundering.

All In Ones. Every mom should have a few all in ones, even if just for backup. They are super convenient and great for use when you have a spur of the moment babysitter or have to perform an ultra-fast diaper change.

Primary diapering method. Whether using pocket diapers, hybrid diapers or another method as your primary diapering style, you'll want to make sure you have enough to get you through at least 36 hours without needing to wash. More if you want to wash less often and slightly less if you need to wash more often.

Cloth-safe diaper cream. Rash creams might not be on your radar UNTIL your little one gets their first rash. You reach for the Desitin and realize it can't be used with cloth. Having a cloth diaper safe rash remedy or preventative is essential for keeping baby happy and comfortable without ruining your cloth diapers.

Wetbags. While not an absolute necessity, wetbags give you a stylish storage option for your soiled diapers and ensure that you don't forget about them in plastic shopping bag or zip lock. They're washable and versatile and can contain not only diapers but soiled clothing, bathing suits, wet towels and more.

Cloth Wipes or Washcloths. No one's perfect and let me tell you it's super easy to run out of disposable wipes, even during a messy diaper change. Purchasing cloth wipes or extra washcloths for backup is a great idea and you never know, you just might stop buying disposable wet wipes all together!

The above are suggestions for creating the best starter stash. Much of the above are things you'll end up needing or buying after you get started. We're saving you the hassle. Learn from our experience and consider investing in some of the above from the start!