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Mom to Mom: My Son and his Fluffy Mail

Posted by Becca on 10/13/2015 to Cloth Diaper Humor

My Son and Fluffy Mail

My son loves his cloth diapers. He likes helping me fold his diapers and put them away. He loves getting mail with more diapers. He loves opening said fluffy mail all by himself and discovering the new diapers inside. He is most especially pleased if those diapers have adorable little prints on them. The thing he loves most about his diapers, is the pretty pictures some of them have. He loves his printed diapers.

I used to eschew prints like the plague. Thankfully, I started embracing their adorableness with my son because now, if he is in a bad mood or he doesn’t want his diaper changed, I can just say, “Look, Buddy! It’s your orange hippo diaper (his absolute favorite)!” and he says, “Yay!!!”

Sometimes, he really gets into the game of control and he’ll respond with: “I wan my farm diaper,” or “Where my car diaper go?” And that’s okay. Because he’s excited to put the diaper on when I need him to put the diaper on and he’s not rolling off the table, hiding under the curtains, or trying to get off the changing table and streak through the house (as little boys can be apt to do).

Changing Baby Bear’s diaper has gotten to be sort of a social thing between him and the little girl his age that I babysit. When I’m changing his diaper she comes up and gives suggestions:

“Where his farm diaper?” or “Give him the elephants.”

My six year old daughter regularly joins this diaper print choosing party, too, standing at the head of the table and adding her preferences to the mix. In fact, she has even sat with me and debated over which print he needs next when I went to purchase more. I wanted to get him Imagine’s “Rawr” print because he just loves dinosaurs, but she had her unborn sibling in mind (and she is sure it is a girl), so she vetoed that.

“The elephants are better,” she said, even though she really, really wanted the butterflies. So we got the elephant diaper. Shortly thereafter, when Baby Bear was in a weepy mood and I was folding and sorting his clean diapers, he grabbed the elephant diaper from the stack and snuggled it close, not allowing me to take it and put it in the baskets with the others. I had to wait until he’d forgotten about it and had abandoned it on the floor in one of the corners of my house until I could stick it in it’s place with the rest of the diapers.

Cars, dinosaurs, elephants, hippos, farm animals—he loves them all. He even seems to be learning his colors because of his diapers. If we are out of printed diapers and I still want to try to get him excited about a new diaper (because otherwise he fights me and I’m no match for him 8 months pregnant), I’ll offer him a choice of solid colors instead. “Bear, do you want blue or red,” I’ll ask. To which he normally responds, “I wan ma orange hippo diaper, Mommy!” or “Can I have the elephants?” Oh well, I’m trying. All the same, since the orange hippo is his favorite, I’ve noticed that he recognizes orange in other settings as well (Yes, I know he’s 2 and should know his colors already but he’s a second child and I got lazy). The downside to this is that his favorite diapers get used up first and are usually in the wash all together. Then, he’s stuck with diapers he doesn’t really care about and I’m stuck wrestling a very strong little guy who now has no motivation to let me change him. Well, all the more reason to build my stash, I guess!

Now, I’m buying a couple of new newborn diapers for his baby brother or sister. I don’t really want a lot of newborn diapers because they only last my big babies for so long and I already have a good sized stash, but they’re still nice to have. As I’m looking at my budget and planning what I can afford, I can’t help but think of purchasing a couple of newborn diapers to match some of Baby Bear’s favorite diapers...or even purchasing two of his favorite prints in the One Sized versions so that the two can match throughout their diapering years together! Hopefully, that won’t be very long. I’d like to get serious about potty training my Bear once I’ve gotten the hang of another little baby in the house (plus the fact that I hope to be taking on more childcare). But for now, when I have it in the budget, I’ve started ordering diapers based on his preferences. For instance, that dino diaper from Imagine is on it’s way now, because my sweet little girl was nowhere around when I made the purchase. She’s gonna give me the biggest frown ever when she sees it, but Baby Bear is going to be thrilled and I will have bought myself one more peaceful diaper change per load of laundry.

So tell us, do your little ones get excited over certain diapers or over fluff mail?