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Mom to Mom Monday: Where do you find your ME time?

Posted by Julie on 1/13/2014 to Mom Madness

Moms, where do you find your ME time?

It's Monday and it kind of feels like yesterday was Monday too. Time flies by, housework piles up, the kids homework, grocery shopping, endless household projects need tending to AND I work from home. Oh and I have a husband who needs attention too. mom to mom,time,motherhood

So where do I find time for just ME? Sometimes peace and quiet and the house all to myself means I can lose myself in work, and I often consider that ME time. However lately I feel like I need more than that, I need time to dedicate to myself. I'd love to exercise more, maybe practice yoga at home or go to a yoga class once a week, take up a sewing project or read a book.

The problem, my ME time is at night, after the kids go to bed, when my husband is on shift at work and then...I'm so tired all I want to do is lie on the couch and watch Destination Truth or any other mindless reality tv. (I'm a sucker for reality mystery shows) So I lay on the couch and although it is restful, I don't do anything productive for myself, for my sanity.

Then, all too often I wake up and feel like I stayed up way too late and dream of days when I used to get to sleep in.

This is kind of a whine I know. I don't mean to complain but I do like to commiserate from time to time. Do you struggle with finding time just for you and your interests? How, when and where? Share with me your routine and woes!