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Mom to Mom Monday: My dirty little 'not-so-green' secrets!

Posted by Julie on 1/6/2014 to Green Living
It's 2014 and I'm supposed to be planning my resolutions. Making endeavors toward becoming greener should always be a goal in my opinion. It makes you feel good to produce less waste and it often means a money savings too.

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My dirty little 'not-so-green' secrets

I will climb the highest mountain to be a little greener in this aspect or that, but I am so attached to some of the most UN-GREEN products.

Paper plates, oh how I love thee. My kids eat, and eat, and eat, and then eat some more. As it is I already do more than a full load of dishes three times a day when they are home and it's not a school day.

I hand them sandwiches, no napkin or plate at all, but there are still occasions when I just LOVE the convenience of my paper plates. So badddddd. I know. At least they're recyclable, I tell myself.

My other secret, even worse than paper plastic baggies! <---Gasp! I even own reusable sandwich wraps and a few reusable snack bags, I still can't get away from plastic baggies. I do try to reuse them whenever possible, but I just can't stop buying them.

A solution?

My goal, not a perfect solution, but definitely a start, is to try and get my kids on a more regular eating schedule. Three meals, a couple snacks...they DO NOT HAVE to eat all day every day. I think it might be a boy thing?

So I have shared some of my most 'un-green' dirty little secrets, what are yours?