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Mom to Mom Monday: Moms can't get sick, or can they?

Posted by Julie on 3/25/2013 to Mom Madness
Last week the unthinkable happened. After what seemed like an eternity of no one in my household getting sick, one by one we all did, all five of us-including me.

I was starting to think the universe knew that moms can't get sick.

In my 9+ years of being a parent I don't think our house has gotten hit as bad as it did last week. It was the stomach bug, a nasty germ, and you just knew no one was getting out unaffected.

Moms can't get sick!

Day three of the stomach bug hitting the kids hard, and then I started to feel it. I was sick but I was unable to act like it. That's the tough part about being a mom, if you're sick life still has to go on. Kids need care, husband still goes off to work, the house still needs tending to.

I saw a pin on Pinterest recently, it said "The trouble with being the strong one, is that no one ever asks you how YOU'RE doing?" I really couldn't agree more. At this point, with no one to complain to, no one to take care of me and let me sleep all day, why even voice the fact that I'm sick?

The only blessing in disguise was that I got sick while the kids were sick so thankfully they just wanted to sleep and lay around all day, which allowed me to get some much needed rest with them.

I sucked it up, barely even mentioned to anyone how awful I felt and then bam! my husband got sick the next day when he got home from his 24 hour shift. Naps, hot baths, blankets, pillows and more naps. He let me know how awfully bad he felt and I replied "yeah, I was sick like that yesterday."

"You couldn't have felt like this," he said. "I feel horrible."

I thought about it and decided I felt strong. I did not to comment back, I just went on caring for him as I did my kids. I'm not sure I've ever felt like more of a mother then I did that week.

How about you? Do you get sick days? Ever feel like I do? Why bother even telling anyone you're sick when you know it isn't going to mean you can take the day off?