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Mom to Mom Monday, Diving in to the New Year! Don't over commit.

Posted by Julie on 12/31/2012 to Green Living
New Years often comes with over optimism. At least if you are me! I fall totally off the wagon with whatever I am doing and plan whole heartedly to start the new year off right! I take off doing the Scooby Do run, so fast I can barely get moving at all!

I think it's great to be optimistic and I have always been. But I have a habit of setting my goals too high and then when I don't meet them I feel disappointed in myself.

Take baby steps

It feels good to meet your goals and the more you meet them the more you're inspired to keep going. I think it's important to start small, especially if your goals are cloth diaper oriented.

Perhaps your goal is to go from part-time to full-time cloth diapering or from disposables at night to cloth overnight? Start by picking a few days to go full-time or cloth diaper overnight. Maybe you can try Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Once you get in to the swing of things try adding another day or night.

It's important to know that you don't have to be an all or nothing cloth diapering mama. You can start gradually. Don't beat yourself up if you still use disposables.

Don't over think your reasons

I had a hard time starting cloth diapers because I was doing it to both save money and to produce less waste. This led to me feeling guilty over spending too much on a cloth diaper and even guiltier when I had to buy disposables for whatever reason.

Keep your reasoning simple.
  • Cloth diaper because it feels right.
  • Cloth diaper because it DOES save you money in the long run.
  • Cloth diaper because it's CUTER! Yes, that's a valid reason too and it's okay to admit it!
  • For every cloth diaper you change you DO save one disposable from ending up in a landfill. Even at one per day, you'd save 365 per year from going in the trash.
  • Cloth diapering is more natural and safer for your baby. Rest assured that your baby is more comfortable in cloth and will be exposed to less chemicals.

Eco-friendly New Year Resolutions are often on the list of things to do. What worked best for me was achieving my goals little by little instead of trying to go from light to dark green all on January 1st!

Most importantly, don't feel bad if you aren't as green as you'd like. If you're anything like me, and I think you are, then you know that one green thing leads to another. For me, cloth diapering led to recycling, recycling led to composting, composting led to gardening and so on.

So what are your New Year's goals? Are you diving in head first starting tomorrow or are you planning on taking things slow?

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