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Mom to Mom Monday: Dealing with the holiday aftermath!

Posted by Julie on 12/30/2013 to Mom Madness

The best and worst part about the holidays!

I love the holidays and look forward to it every single year. Baking, giving, caring, seems like the whole community is abuzz with the desire to do good-for the most part.

christmas tree,decor,mom vent Yet the day after Christmas I see my house in a whole new light. Clutter, dead Christmas tree, toys strewn about. I know all the work involved in sorting, cleaning and packing it up and that if I want it done right then I pretty much have to do it all.

Sometimes the kids ask if we can keep our tree and decor up longer than just a couple days past Christmas but I know from experience that if I am motivated to take it all down, then I have to go with it and get it over and done with.

So as of yesterday the 'taking down of all the STUFF' is done and I feel like I can breathe again. I'm sad that it's all over but happy to be able to enjoy the rest of the holiday season until my kids go back to school without all these huge and time consuming chores hanging over my head. Now we have more space to play and really SEE all the fun new toys and gadgets they've recently acquired!

After the holidays how does the decor and clutter affect you? Do you have no problem enjoying it well beyond the holiday or do you feel like it's the elephant in the room that HAS to be addressed ASAP?