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Mom to Mom Monday: Babywearing FAIL.

Posted by Julie on 5/6/2013 to Baby Wearing
Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20. As a mother of twins, one thing I can say I FAILED at was babywearing. It just didn't occur to me that you could babywear twins and man, my life would have been so much easier had I discovered that you could.

It wasn't until I become super involved in the cloth diapering community, which includes babywearing families, that I first discovered videos and photos of moms and dads using carriers like the MOby Wrap or Boba Wrap to carry infant twins.

And if this dad can do it I surely could have! Although he takes a little longer to figure it out, his efforts don't go unnoticed. I love this video.

I look back on all my trips to the store with a 3.5 yr old and infant twins each in their carseat carrier. Grocery shopping was impossible, there was no where to put groceries or my daughter. I could have at least worn one and put the other in the cart but I didn't.

Between my sons' birth and about age 1yr I was pretty stressed and definitely had my hands full. I don't blame myself or feel regretful but I do wish I could have gone back to myself then and said, "hey, get a wrap, you can wear one or both of them!"

And so each time I'm given the chance to tell someone what baby gear you really need when you have twins I always jump at the chance to tell them to try babywearing them!

What are your thoughts? Would it have occurred to you to try it or do you also feel that unless you saw it you wouldn't necessarily have known that babywearing twins was possible?



Elizabeth Dickson
Date: 5/6/2013
this is awesome!!! Way to go anyone who has tried this!
Date: 5/6/2013
That video of the dad is HILARIOUS!!!
Date: 5/6/2013
First, the video of the had was awesome. Major props. I've done baby wearing for years and I knew with my twins that I had to figure out a way to wear them both at times, since I had 4 other kids that needed my attention. While my twins LOVED being close and snuggling together, they did not like being together in a wrap. They would be perfectly content until the other baby joined them and then they would be crazy! So I opted for my BabyHawk Mei Tei's when they were newborns and did simultane
Date: 5/6/2013
Part of my post cut off: Here's the rest. So I opted for my BabyHawk Mei Tei's when they were newborns and did simultaneous front and back carriers. Once they got big enough for an Ergo back carry, that's what we went to. Now they are almost 8 months and I wear them both all of the time. It's a great workout!
Date: 5/6/2013
Loved the second video. That's exactly how it was with my twins. Tried it once and was like, no way. Both my twins had GERD, so babywearing was a life saver. I wore one and held the other in free arm. It was way easier. As for grocery shopping, I wore one and put the other in the infant seat in the cart. (I went to a store that had awesome infant carts). Saved my sanity.
Carolyn M
Date: 5/7/2013
I totally tried to where my twins when they were newborns. I couldn't get it down. I wish I could wear both. At five months it would be easier with my four and two year olds.
Grace S
Date: 5/7/2013
As a mother of twins, I too failed! Damn:(. But I plan on babywearing with #3 that's for sure
Lisa J
Date: 5/10/2013
Oh my goodness, that second video was painful to watch! I thought for sure he was going to drop one of those babies. The ending was hilarious though. I never even thought of trying to babywear with twins (I only have 1 child right now) but good to know it can be done.
Samantha Lippard
Date: 5/11/2013
If I ever have twins I will definitely try to wear them both!
Rachel N
Date: 5/11/2013
Wow, I had no idea you could baby wear twins! That is really neat.
Laura Fulks
Date: 5/13/2013
I didn't know they had carriers for twins!
Date: 9/15/2013
My SIL just had twin boys. I am definitely going to mention this. She is not really crunchy at all, but it just might help save her sanity!
Holly Wilson
Date: 7/15/2014
It would never have occurred to me that you could wear twins together in a wrap! I would have thought maybe one in a wrap and one on your back in an Ergo or similar carrier. But then you might kinda feel like a human coat rack for babies ;) Great idea to put them together. I've heard most twins like to be together anyway.

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