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Mom to Mom: I've gone cloth diaper print crazy

Posted by Becca on 5/4/2015 to Contests & Giveaways

Mom to Mom: I've gone cloth diaper print crazy

I have recently become obsessed with prints on cloth diapers. It’s weird that I say recently, since I’m coming up on six years using them now, but it’s true. I didn’t like prints when my daughter was in diapers, I don’t really know why, other than the fact that they were more difficult to match with her clothes. In fact, her whole life in diapers, she had but one print—a cow print that I didn’t choose, but won. I liked it because, well, it was adorable, but I didn’t really want anymore. Nope. I’ll also have to admit the OCD part of me was sort of bothered with how it didn’t seem to fit with my stash. How weird am I?

When my son was born, I ended up with a couple of prints. Maybe it’s because you don’t have to match diapers to boy outfits as much as to girl outfits because the jeans hide the cute diaper. When we decided we liked prefolds and fitteds better than pockets, we bought a couple of printed covers. I kind of liked them. Now I have five or six printed diapers in my enormous stash, and when the time comes to make more purchases, I plan on getting more.

My diaper buying days are sort of over at this’s all just maintenance as some of my first diapers give out after a life well lived and I need to replace them. In the meantime I drool over all the prints without necessarily buying. When my little one comes sometime in the fall, I hope to make a biggish sort of purchase to refresh my stash but until he or she comes and we know the gender, that will have to wait. I’ve been drooling over very girly prints and I just can’t justify buying them until I know whether or not they’ll be appropriate.

For now, I just have to share some of my favorite prints.

Rumparooz’s Ju Ju Be Perky Perennials. This print is just delicious. It looks like something from a designer handbag and if I didn’t have a boy, or I if knew for sure a girl was on the way, I’d jump on the waiting list. It’s just divine.
ocean print cloth diaper
Diaper Rite’s Ocean Melody. Full of lots of quirky under the sea creatures, this diaper print is so much fun! I know for a fact that not only would I love it, but my son would just adore wearing this diaper as well, as he is very proud of his new language skills and he loves little creatures.
Grovia’s Adventure is another great print. This pale blue diaper is covered in bubbly little cars and campers, all ready for the next great road trip. This is yet another print that you and your little toddler will enjoy together.
hipster fox
Smart Bottoms’ Fantastic Hipster Fox makes me think of the song “What does the Fox Say,” which my children love (though we always listen to it in Spanish!). He wears glasses, and sometimes a mustache or hat, and the bright orange just begs to bedazzle your baby’s butt.
Thirsties’ Blackbird is one of my longtime favorites—though I’ve never bought it myself. The design is great in the cool, gender neutral colors of green, brown, and aqua. It’s just a really classy print.
Imagine’s Ring a Ding is a print I actually own! Maybe it’s just because it’s a recent trend, but I love greys and bold geometrics for babies, and this one has both and is simple but fun.
Kawaii’s Goodnight Diaper has lots of great designs to choose from. Though all of them are fabulous, I’ve got to say I like the cow print the best. Granted, many different brands have cow prints, so you may have your pick of brands when it comes to the cow, but the Kawaii Goodnight diapers also happen to be very good for leakage control at night time (hence their name), in addition to having an attractive price. It’s hard to go wrong when you buy this brand. In addition to the cow print, I also love all of their Willow colors and their Zoo print.

So, yes, I’m finally jumping on the printed cloth diaper band wagon and allowing my solid colored stash to be invaded by a bit more variety, mostly because I just can’t help but fall in love with some of the adorable pictures that many cloth diapers display. My knowledge of the prints available for different brands is fairly limited because I never paid attention to them when I was building my stash, but the few prints I’m familiar with are just so cute!

So, what does your diaper stash look like? Are you in the solids club, the prints club, or do you have a mixture of both? Which brand of diaper has your all time favorite print?