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Mom to Mom: Cloth Diapering Brands that have lasted me the longest!

Posted by Becca on 6/29/2015 to Cloth Diaper How-To

My longest lasting cloth diapers

Of the brands of cloth diapers I’ve used over the clothdiapers,longlastingyears, you might be surprised at those that have held up the longest because they may or may not be the most popular. In fact, my longest lasting pockets aren’t my favorite. That could be because my least favorite brands didn’t get used as often so they didn’t wear out as quickly. It could also be because they were just constructed better. I guess I’ll never know for sure. What I do know is that I completely trust the following brands because with proper care, they’re going on six years old and they’re still in good enough condition to use for my third child. That adds up to a lot of money saved over all that time!

My all time, longest lasting diapers are my bumGenius diapers, hands down. My bumGenius 3.0 pocket diapers still have stretchy elastics and perfect PUL. However, the hook and loop closures had to be replaced, but I didn’t mind replacing them. I do have one BG 4.0 that is only four years old and again, the PUL and elastics are wonderful and the snaps are as good as new.

My husband’s favorite brand of cloth diaper is Smartipants. These pocket diapers have also lasted a very long time for us. The PUL is in great shape and the snaps are the strongest diaper snaps I’ve encountered. I feel that after five years the elastics have started to stretch out a tiny bit, though they they always left more leg room than my bumGenius elastics to begin with. We still use our Smartipants with great success and I would use them in a re-stash without reservation. Our final long lasting diaper is the Happy Heiny’s pocket diaper. I have one that is nearly six years old and one that is about five years old and they both have great PUL and great leg elastics. I replaced the Velcro on the older diaper, but not on the five year old one. The fit of them is still very snug and the Velcro of both is extremely grabby. I heard mixed reviews for the Happy Heinys after I first bought them, but their longevity speaks for itself. Though I’m no longer the hook and loop fan I once was, I wouldn’t mind a couple more HH in my stash if I ever need to restash. Another long lasting brand is Thirsties. I only have their covers and they are still in great shape, but they didn’t necessarily get as much use as my pockets until my son was born. Now, I use them constantly, and I’m still pleased with their performance.

Again, though, the snap closures have been more reliable than the aplix closures. However, I haven’t had to replace any hooks and loops on my covers.

When my son was born, I added a Diaper Rite pocket diaper and a Kawaii nighttime diaper to the stash. He is nearly two years old and both of those brands are also doing very well. Since they’re so much less expensive than many other popular brands, that’s encouraging. I look forward to seeing if they’re still as useful a couple years down the road when my third child has gotten another couple of years out of them. So far, though, I’m hopeful that they’ll stand the test of time. If they do, that would be great since they’re far more affordable than most brands.

Surprisingly, some of my favorite brands didn’t make the cut when it came to longevity, either losing elasticity or de-laminating. It was very disappointing the first couple of times I had to throw diapers away that had become useless after so much wear and tear. Still more surprising was that my oldest diapers stood the test of time better than their slightly newer counterparts. What’s important to keep in mind when this happens is that no diaper can last forever. Even after just two years of solid use out of a certain brand of diaper, you will be getting your moneys worth. Granted, three or more years is better because it will save you more money in the long run, but eventually they will all wear out. Such well used clothing (whether diapers, jeans, or t-shirts) rarely has that long a lifespan.