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'Mom in Focus' Meet Monica of Monica's Mom Musings!

Posted by Julie on 8/27/2012 to Family Focus
Meet this week's Mom in Focus, it's Monica, the mama behind the blog Monica's Mom Musings!

To get to know Monica a little better please read all about her below!

A little about you and your family? My name is Monica and I'm a SAHM to four children. Three girls and one boy. My oldest (a girl) is 13, next (girl) 10, next (boy) 4, and finally my baby girl is 18 months old. My husband works at a local grocery store where we live in CT.

Do you have any hobbies? Currently I would say my hobby is blogging, but that is starting to become part of my job too. I also play the piano and from time to time I have been known to entertain small children as Sparkles the Clown.

Tell us how you got started cloth diapering? Where did you first learn about modern cloth diapers, etc.? I didn't start cloth diapering until I had my youngest and even that I waited until she was 4 months old. I had considered it before she was born, but my husband was not at all interested. A friend of mine gave me the details of it. She had been cloth diapering for a year and he always looked so cute in his little diapers. I was looking for ways to cut down on our waste with adding a 6th person to the household and also trying to find ways to save us money. When I finally started when my daughter was 4 months old it was with a husband who objected and our deal was he would not change cloth diapers and he has held firm to that all these months later. I am okay with that though because that was our deal.

What was the first cloth diaper you ever owned? I started out with flats and Thirsties Duo Wrap covers. I no longer have my Thirsties, but I do still use flats every day.

What do you consider the best part of using cloth diapers? It's a toss up between the money savings and the cute factor. I think it's especially fun with little girls because you can coordinate diapers with dresses and skirts. I don't even bother with the bloomers they sell with dresses because the diaper just looks cuter.

Of all the products that Diaper Junction carries, what are your top three cloth diapers you'd recommend to a cloth diapering newbie and why? I would have to recommend the GroVia diapers. I use those as covers over my flats and they fit my little girl great. She is a peanut and I think it has a nice trim fit that is perfect for her. And of course the Thirsties Duo Wrap covers I used to start with. That is pretty much what I have gotten by with other than some WAHM diapers so I really have no other recommendations.

Has cloth diapering affected your life in any other ways? Inspired you to be greener in other aspects, inspired you to create a blog or moms group, start your own business or anything else? I have convinced my SIL to cloth diaper my nephew who is due in January. And it has definitely become great content for my blog. But other than that nothing about my life or parenting has changed.

Anything else you'd like to share? Please come check me out at Monica's Mom Musings.

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