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'Mom in Focus' Meet Anne of Zephyr Hill Blog!

Posted by Julie on 8/15/2012 to Family Focus
How exciting to be featuring some new "Moms in Focus!"

Meet this week's Mom in Focus!

It's Anne, the mama behind the popular Zephyr Hill Blog!

Me and my family: I stay pretty busy with 3 boys and 2 girls and we have one on the way in January, too! Right now, I’m stashing away lots of cute newborn diapers. This will be my first time diapering a tiny one, and I’ll be sharing all the reviews on my blog in January.

Do you have any hobbies? When I’m not blogging, I really enjoy baking and trying out new recipes. Spending time with our pets and farm animals is also a treat!

Tell us how you got started cloth diapering? Where did you first learn about modern cloth diapers, etc.? I responded to a magazine ad a couple of years ago. Although I didn’t care for the fitted diapers I was sent on trial, I later fell in love with prefolds and covers and pockets. It was nice to know there were so many different options. There’s truly something out there on the market for every mother and baby to love.

What was the first cloth diaper you ever owned? It was a Motherease fitted. It seemed very bulky to me, and I knew I couldn’t afford an entire stash of fitteds, so I opted for covers and inserts instead.

What do you consider the best part of using cloth diapers? They are re-usable! I love having things in my home that don’t get thrown away after just one use. It feels good to get a lot of use out of something and then to be able to upcycle, sell or donate it when baby grows up.

Of all the products that Diaper Junction carries, what are your top three cloth diapers you'd recommend to a cloth diapering newbie and why? My number one choice would be a Flip diaper cover and insert. The price, fit and quality can’t be beat and they are one-size. Secondly, I ‘d recommend an affordable, time-tested pocket diaper like the Kawaii or Fuzzibunz. Every mother should get to see how easy and convenient pocket diapers are. Even if you don’t have an entire stash of them, they are perfect for keeping on hand for dads or grandma, and for stowing in your diaper bag. And last of all, I’d recommend trying a good wool cover like the Disana because they are so bulletproof for overnight diapering and only have to be washed occasionally.

Has cloth diapering affected your life in any other ways? Inspired you to be greener in other aspects, inspired you to create a blog or moms group, start your own business or anything else? Cloth diapering has taught me to be very conscious about using other cloth products in my home. Since we started diapering, and discovered how much money and energy they save, we’ve started using cloth napkins at the table, old diapers and rags for dusting, old washcloths to clean countertops and flannel wipes at the changing table.

Anything else you'd like to share? Just one thing – have fun with cloth diapering and keep looking until you find what works for you. And know that if you ever need help or advice, there’s a lot of support online through diaper forums, Facebook and even from your favorite retailer like Diaper Junction!

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