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Mini Shower Spray Wand for Cloth Diapers

Posted by CDB Guest on 4/28/2007 to Cloth Diaper Reviews

Cloth diapering truly isn't the nightmare that some think it is. In fact, over and over at our online cloth diaper store we hear about how EASY it is and how our customers wish they had started earlier.

One of the products that we have gathered a good deal of positive testimonials about is the Mini Shower Spray Wand. The Mini Shower Spray Wand is a hand held spray wand that attaches to your commode and aids in rinsing off soiled cloth diapers instead of having to dunk and soak them. It acts sort of the same as the sprayer you may have at your kitchen sink, but with a high pressure multi-hole jet spray head to give you the maximum pressure necessary to handle even heavily stuck-on diaper messes.

The Mini Shower Spray Wand attaches directly to the water line that feeds into your commode and the actual mini-shower head hangs on either the left or the right of the commode, according to your preference. The holder can also be permanently mounted on the wall of the cabinet beside your commode.

And don't worry - your kids won't make a water park in the bathroom because the Mini Shower Spray Wand comes with a shut-off valve for when not in use.