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Maximize your Affiliate Account with our All-Star Affiliate Program!

Posted by Julie on 1/10/2012 to Affiliate Program

cloth diaper affiliate programHere at Diaper Junction we pride ourselves on great customer service while providing excellent products and support.  Word of mouth is the key to our success.  Our lovely and highly satisfied customers spread the good word both in person and online about their shopping experience with us.  What about you?  Have you ever raved about a product or service we've provided?  Did you know you could be earning cash each time you do?

That's where our Affiliate Program comes in.  When you're a Diaper Junction Affiliate you receive a special link to use when you talk about what you love, cloth diapers!  We take care of the technical behind the scenes stuff like tracking cookies and sales.   You'll simply receive an email each time an order is processed through one of your affiliate links!

You can take being an affiliate as serious as you like, you could even treat it like a job, think of it as if you work for Diaper Junction!  But how can you make the most of being an Affiliate?  here are some ideas on how to become a success at affiliate marketing.

Learn how your Affiliate Link works!

Your aff link will look something like this  It's the ?AffId=77851 that would distinguish your link from a basic general link to Diaper Junction.  You might think that this means all you can ever do is link to the Diaper Junction home page.  That's where a little knowledge comes in handy.

Let's say you're chatting it up with a friend on Facebook and she asks you where she should buy BumGenius 4.0 Pocket Diapers?  A lightbulb goes off and you say "Ooh, I have an Affiliate Account with Diaper Junction and I'd love it if you shop through my link!"  Simply take the direct link to the BumGenius 4.0 Pocket Diapers which looks like this and add the ?AffId=77851 to the end of it!  Then it should look like this  Then your friend can be linked directly to the product for which she's searching.

Direct linking also comes in handy if you were perhaps writing a review about a product on your blog.  You could directly link the name of the product to your aff link.  You can also link to category pages like "cloth diapers" or "wetbags" and others.

Disclose your Affiliate status.

If a friend, facebook fan, twitter follower or blog reader sees that you are not disclosing that you're an affiliate and that your posts or recommendations include an affiliate link then you may be compromising your credibility.  Suddenly you've got people wondering and scratching their heads "Can I trust this information or is this just an attempt to make a sale?"  Often, making it known that you are an affiliate can be beneficial.  Friends love helping friends out and supporting stay-at-home moms, etc.

Disclosure doesn't have to mean you have to shout it out that you're posting an affiliate link.  Simply placing a caption at the beginning or end of your blog post, referral, or on your About Us section, stating that "this post contains affiliate links." Or when sharing via different social media outlets, placing  "*aff link." after your post or tweet when you share a link.

Grab our Affiliate Banners!

If you have a blog, website or even a message board signature, take advantage of the pre-made affiliate banners we have for your use.  Display them and make sure to link them to your unique Affiliate acct.

cloth diaper affiliates

Monetize your blog!

Becoming an affiliate is a great reason to start that blog you've been thinking about creating or a great way to monetize your existing blog.  You'd be surprised at how quickly your affiliate commission will add up.

Don't overdo it!

We know we aren't the only site with an affiliate program but keep in mind that less is more.  Real affiliate success comes when you treat your account as if you were a sort of sales rep.  Think about it from the prospective shoppers point of view, they're shopping and the sales rep (you) is wavering between recommending 2,3,4 or more different stores all with different blinking banners and ads on your site.  What do they do?  They get confused and decide if you can't make up your mind then maybe they should go and do their own research on where to shop.

Keep it simple and try to decide which affiliate programs perhaps have the most products to offer, the best sales and promotions and the best and easiest commission thresh hold. (wink wink)  See if you don't start earning more when you provide consistent referrals than you do when you refer readers all over the world wide web where they most likely get lost and end up shopping on Amazon or not at all.

Show me the money!

cloth diaper affiliate

As a Diaper Junction Affiliate you'll earn a 5% Commission on ANY and ALL completed sales when you refer friends, family members, website or blog visitors to our online cloth diaper store.  Commissions are paid either in cash or store credit upon request once your affiliate account reaches $10.00 or more!

Lastly, if you're an establish blogger and would like more information on how to become an All Star Affiliate click here.