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Limited Edition Moraki Hearts Cloth Diaper for Valentines Day

Posted by Julie on 2/5/2014 to New Products

A Very SWEET Valentines Cloth Diaper!

moraki,diapers,cloth,hearts You may have noticed that Moraki Diapers is one of the newest lines we've added to our inventory and selection. These super cute USA made cloth diapers are made right in sunny San Diego by a mom-owned and operated company.

These diapers are known for their great quality, cute prints, ruffled bums and seasonal designs!

Limited Edition 'Amore' Moraki Diapers

We're super excited to have been able to snag some of the Limited Edition Amore Diapers from Moraki just in time for Valentine's Day!

Pictures can't really do these cuties justice. We love the heart design and adorable heart shaped snaps!

What do you think? Would you put your little one in this lovely cloth diaper?



Date: 2/6/2014
I would LOVE to put this on the bum of my little one.
Esther Eng
Date: 2/6/2014
These are so cute! I've never seen heart shaped snaps before. Adorable!
Samantha Yoder
Date: 2/6/2014
I am dying to get one of the fluffles!!! I really like the heart snaps on these though. Cute :)
RayAnna Diego
Date: 2/7/2014
These are adorable! Especially for Valentine's Day! 😍
Maggie Martin
Date: 2/7/2014
These are so cute!
Suzanne Williams
Date: 2/7/2014
Love them!!
Date: 2/7/2014
Julie Wills
Date: 2/7/2014
I wish my youngest still fit OS diapers. These are so cute!
Cristy Doris
Date: 2/7/2014
I love the ruffly designs but the heart snaps on these are just so darn cute, too!
kelly galpin
Date: 2/7/2014
these are sooo cute ! :) love your diapers!
Kim H
Date: 2/8/2014
So very cute I would definitely put my little ones in one of these!
Lisa L
Date: 2/9/2014
This diaper is so adorable!
Ashley H.
Date: 2/13/2014
Too cute. Not sure daddy would want this on his boy though. :(
Melissa McCarty
Date: 2/14/2014
I would love to get the hippie one. I will one day. I will!
katie m
Date: 5/30/2015
Oh so cute, I would love to put my daughter in this cute diaper too bad it was limited edition.
Jilliann M
Date: 7/21/2015
Those heart snaps are so cute!

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