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It's ALL in the bag!

Posted by Becca on 5/28/2012 to Traveling with Cloth

Is it just me or have you noticed that getting the family out of the house and anywhere on time once you have a child is so much more difficult? The amount of prep time it takes to get your baby fed, changed, and clothed all while preparing your diaper bag is ridiculous! And thats hoping your infant isnt screaming their head off or your toddler isn't taking off his cloth diaper bagshoes and stashing them between the cushions of the couch. Whether you're making a quick trip to the store, a day trip to church, or an overnight to Grandmas, its important to have a well stocked diaper bag if you want to be sure to get to your destination on time. It certainly makes getting out of the house a lot easier.

As a new mom, I wasnt really certain of what to keep in my diaper bag at all times, so I threw ineverything. Breast-feeding was nice because at least I didn't need to bring formula and that certainly cut down on bulk, but I made up for it by packing other, unnecessary things in the bag.

Now, I've got the diaper bag packing down to a science, and it is pretty much always packed and ready to go.

In my diaper bag you will always find:
  • 1 sippy cup
  • 1 plastic container of pretzels and goldfish
  • 1 plastic container of cereal and Teddy Grahams
  • 2-3 cloth diapers lined with disposable liners
  • 1 small wet bag
  • 1 small case of cloth wipes
  • 1 prefold with a changing pad for an absorbent changing surface
  • 1 change of clothes
  • A zippered plastic container that has nail clippers, a comb, bandaids, etc.
  • A toy or book or bothcloth diapers in diaper bag

When my daughter was an infant, we skipped packing food because I was the food. If my husband brought her out, though, he would bring a bottle and a frozen bag of breast milk. When she was old enough to start eating from a spoon, I kept a couple of jars of baby food, a spoon, and a bib in the bag. The jars of baby food kept in our house were only for traveling since I always made my own at home.

I try to keep my diaper bag stocked even when were home. As soon as we arrive at the house from any outing, I empty the travel wetbag into the diaper pail and restock my diapers and wipes. If the wetbag is really gross, Ill throw it in the wash too and grab my spare travel wetbag. If my daughter's containers of snack food are likewise low, I quickly fill them up and throw them back in. Having my diaper bag stocked and ready to go at all times really cuts down on the prep time and makes it easier to just grab the baby and run if were in a hurry.