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How to use your baby carrier in cold weather!

Posted by Julie on 10/5/2015 to Baby Wearing

How to babywear in cold weather

So you babywear and love to. Maybe you use a Tula Baby Carrier or Beco, Boba or Onya and you love keeping your baby snuggled close and comfortable. Now the weather's getting colder and it's starting to put a damper on your babywearing style. Most babycarriers don't fit or feel comfortable when worn over your jacket plus that leaves baby out in the cold. Similarly it's not comfortable for baby to wear too big of a jacket while in the carrier which can also leave both you and your child feeling squished.

Babywearing jackets are a great solution and they come in a variety of styles. They're designed to be worn by the mama, over baby and the carrier and often provide access to baby without having to be completely taken off. Some feature unique wrap styles and others feature panels you can zip or un-zip. Front or back carry, there is a babywearing jacket for every babywearing style.

Mamalila Mamalila offers suitable protection from the elements for babywearing parents: clothing which shelters the parent and child together under the same jacket. Whether hiking in the mountains, strolling through the woods or dashing to the corner shop: mamalila has models suitable for autumn and winter or spring and summer.

Mamalila babywearing clothing is compatible with most carrying systems and slings- regardless of whether you carry your baby in front of you or behind you.

Suse's Kinder Coat Suse's Kinder Coats come in all shapes, sizes and fibers. With waterproof outer to protect you and your baby from the elements, the Kinder Coat will keep you warm, dry and cozy.

MamaPoncho The European MamaPoncho is an elegant and stylish knit poncho designed to be worn comfortably over your baby and carrier.

Kowalli The Kowalli is a uniquely designed coat that will fit easily over your carrier. Heavy fleece that will keep you warm while still providing a comfortable and very forgiving fit. You'll still be able to easily move because Kowalli carriers are stretchy and very well made.

This babywearing jacket blog post was created to give you an idea of the many options available for winter babywearing. Don't write off wearing your baby in the cold, stay warm with a winter babywearing jacket!

Do you babywear in winter? Tell us how you and your baby stay comfortable and warm!