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How to use an All In One Cloth Diaper

Posted by Becca on 5/9/2012 to Cloth Diaper How-To

How to Use an All In One Diaper

If you want a cloth diaper that requires no pinning, folding, stuffing or separate covers—basically, if you want to grab it, and go—then an All in One diaper is probably the right diaper for you.

An All In One Diaper is a diaper that has all the pieces you need sewn together in one, easy to use package. Some All in Ones are made as if a fitted diaper and a cover were sewn together. All All In One (AIO) Cloth Diapers are different, however. Other AIOs actually have a pocket with an insert sewn inside, so that you can still customize absorbency if you’d like. Many AIOs these days have a tongue like insert—a strip of absorbency that is sewn only at one end and can flap around in the washer and dryer for easier cleaning. Sometimes these are attached to a pocket and can be tucked inside or left outside the pocket to suit the parents’ preferences. Despite how the absorbent layers are sewn to the diaper to give it AIO status, one thing remains the same from one brand to another—these diapers are super easy to use and do not require any steps between the dryer or clothesline and your baby’s bottom.

All in One Diapers are easy to use!

This tutorial will be using a Grovia One Size AIO diaper.

  1. Grab your diaper, and lay it flat underneath your baby. The back of the diaper will be at the top, against your baby’s bottom with the closure wings laying on either side, and the top of the diaper will be laying between their knees.

  2. Pull the front panel of the diaper up, between your baby’s legs and lay it atop their tummy, right up to their belly button.

  3. Grab the closure tabs from either side and wrap them around to fasten at the front. Most closure tabs will fasten over the front panel, but side-snapping diapers like the Grovia AIO, fasten to snaps at the inside of each of the sides of the front panel.

  4. Check your fit to make sure it’s not too snug—this is especially important for babies who can sit, crawl, or walk because they’ll need a little give for all the wiggling they’ll be doing. You want the diaper to fit snugly enough to contain messes, but not so tightly that your baby will have red marks at their waist and the tops of their thighs.

  5. That’s it! Because AIO diapers require no folding, pinning, or stuffing, they are the easiest and quickest diaper to put on your baby!

Once you know how to use an AIO diaper, you’ll find that pocket diapers and fitted diapers attach to your baby much in the same way. The only difference is that pocket diapers need to be stuffed first and fitteds require a cover.