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How to care for your cloth diaper wet bag

Posted by Bert on 4/25/2013 to Cloth Diaper Accessories
In my opinion a Wet bag is a quintessential cloth diaper accessory; one that really should be on everyone’s “must haves” list. Whether it’s a large bag for storing dirty diapers before laundry day or a smaller bag to take with you on the go proper washing and care will lengthen the life ofwetbags,cloth diapers your wet bag; I’ve always wondered though how often do I need to wash my wet bags?

Where to find care instructions

I’ve never looked it up before so I’m learning this right along with you and the care instructions are interesting to say the least! For example, when you look at Planetwise’s care instructions one of the things they mention is that sunning your wet bag will shorten the life of your wet bag because of the heat and the strength of the UV rays.

It makes sense though; UV rays are strong enough to give us skin cancer so why wouldn’t they be harsh on something like a wet bag? When you’re drying your wet bag use a low heat cycle or simply air dry. And never ever use bleach or fabric softener on your wet bags; the bleach is really difficult on the fabric so it should be used very sparingly if at all.

The wash and care instructions of a lot of our wet bag brands suggest similar washing routines as a cloth diaper wash routine. One key tip that I haven’t noticed before is that many of the brands suggest turning the bag inside out and that makes sense. I usually wash mine about every other week to every two weeks depending on the smell of the bag. Not that my wet bags have a bad smell to them but if it’s been a week or two there’s definitely an odor that seems to seep out when it’s opened.

Here are the warranty and care information on a few of the popular brands that we sell:


So what is your wet bag care routine like? Please share!