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How to care for your FuzziBunz without voiding their warranty

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 5/8/2012 to Washing Cloth Diapers

Have you ever looked at your cloth diaper manufacturer’s washing and warranty instructions? It’s worth a look, after all you never know you might need the warranty and it would be a shame if you did something that ruined that. Here’s what you should do according to FuzziBunz’s website:

Wash: FuzziBunz’s washing instructions are pretty normal. Cold wash/soak cycle first, then a hot wash with a cold rinse. Interestingly enough FuzziBunz does not endorse using vinegar in your routine as they feel that the detergents used today do an effective job of disinfecting. They also state that frequent vinegar use could harm the elastic in the diapers.

Dry: Dry on low heat or line dry. Do not dry on high heat.

Detergents: FuzziBunz’s recommends cloth diaper friendly detergents such as Rockin’ Green, Allen’s Naturally, Charlie’s Soap and, of course, their own detergent. FuzziBunz As far as store bought detergents they discourage the use of any detergents that have additives and recommend Tide Free and Arm and Hammer Free.

Warranty Don’ts: If you want to keep the warranty on your FuzziBunz do not use chemicals, especially bleach, in your washing routine. Also high heat is considered an environmental cause that is not covered by warranty.

For more detailed information visit FuzziBunz’s website.

Written by Bert of the FTM Blog.


Date 5/23/2014
Lindsay H
Great info! A lovely friend just passed along her entire stash of fuzzibunz so I've been researching how to wash them :)
Date 7/21/2014
Robyn H
Great tips especially since we just bought some fuzzibunz... When we first started cloth diapering I used bleach on a couple products and voided their warranty, not good!
Date 9/14/2014
Bianca Munoz
Just bought some used ones today. I need to make sure they're cleaned good... any videos or tips on how to replace the elastic?tia

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