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How much is too much, Cloth Diaper Edition!

Posted by Bert on 8/15/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To
If you can’t tell by the Family Fitness series, I’m a girl who promotes the thinking, “everything in moderation.” I think that the saying is applicable to anything in life from eating to yes, even cloth diapers.cloth diapers,cloth diaper tips

Here are my how much is too much for cloth diapers:

1. How much sun is too much sun on my cloth diapers? The sun; that fireball in outer space that keeps us warm, gives us the happy feeling vitamin, vitamin D, and also gives us skin cancer. It’s a great natural way to extinguish pesky stains, however, remember that those same powerful rays that cause skin cancer can also do a number on your diapers. When possible use indirect sunlight and when sunning in the summertime or in year round hot weather climate only set outside in direct sun for one to two hours maximum. I do think that you could sun your diapers after every wash as long as you adhere to the suggestions above.

2. How often should I strip my cloth diapers? The short answer on this one is it depends. On what does it depend? Simple – water type and any issues you may be having with your diapers. I have soft water and only need to strip when the diapers my daughter wears are having repelling or stink issues. You can tell that it’s a repelling issue because the diapers just won’t be as absorbent as they once were or they’ll stink even after being washed. There are a few resources that suggest stripping monthly if you have hard water.

For more information on stripping diapers click here.

3. How often should I wash my cloth diapers? Think about it: your diapers handle some pretty tough crap from ammonia soaked overnight diapers to well, crap. That being said, rule of thumb is to make sure that you’re washing your diapers every two days. That should be the longest amount of time you let your diapers sit.

4. How many diapers should I have in my “stash?” Ah, another depends on who you ask answer! You can never have too many cute, little fluffy diapers for that precious tushie your baby has. Okay my accountant husband would beg to differ with that statement. If you’re cloth diapering a newborn they say that you should have 36 diapers (whether they’re specific newborn size diapers or prefolds with covers the number is the same). For any baby that is out of that newborn size they suggest 24 diapers. You don’t want to skimp on the number of diapers that you have because the fewer diapers that you own the more washing you’ll have to do and the more wear and tear you’ll see on your cloth diapers.

Do you have any “how much is too much” for cloth diapers tips? Tell us!