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How do I stop leaks with prefolds?

Posted by Bryana on 6/25/2007 to Troubleshooting

Cloth diapers are highly absorbent and well-suited for newborn baby blow-outs, heavy wetters, and night-time diapering, however some new diapering parents still get leaks with prefold diapers.

Whether using cloth diapers or disposable diapers, there will be leaks if you do not first determine the right diaper size, if it is not secured properly, or in the case of cloth diapers, if the cover doesn't fit properly.

Let's start with diaper size.

Prefold diapers that are too small (or do not have enough panels for your baby's wetting needs) simply can’t hold enough moisture to get the job done adequately.

Cloth diapering is one area where size matters a lot. While weight measurements may seem simpler, they are not as accurate as measuring the waist, rise and thighs of your baby to ensure his unique characteristics are taken into effect. Learn how to" title="find the perfect fitting cloth diaper">find the perfect fitting cloth diaper for your baby.

Fastening prefolds on baby

Snappi ensures a snug-fitting diaper with enough natural movement for the baby. There are multiple options for how to secure the prefold on your baby. A growing favorite is the Snappi, but quality diaper pins and/or using the right size diaper wrap (a diaper cover that "wraps" around the diaper to secure it to baby) works as well.

Finding the perfect diaper cover fit

The final step to stop leaks with prefolds is choosing the right diaper cover. Prefold diapers, unlike other styles of cloth diapers, can be worn with any style of diaper cover. As when selecting a cloth diaper size, learn how to measure baby for the right, leak-free, fit.