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Here Comes the Sun (Doo Doo Doo Doo)

Posted by CDB Guest on 2/8/2011 to Cloth Diaper How-To

... and I said, IT'S ALRIGHT! In fact, it's the best thing ever for getting "doo doo" stains out of your beloved cloth diapers. Due to the bleaching effects of the sun, when paired with ample oxygen provided from all of Mother Nature's goodness... a few hours outside on the laundry line will make your diapers as white as the day you bought them!

When I first began my journey into cloth diapering, I though that line drying was a tad on the bit of the way too "crunchy" side of things for me, and wow did my mind quickly change. Breastfed poo is some of the most stain-worthy stuff out there, and when you're dropping $18+ on a single AIO, flannel with a "slight tint of yellowish/brownish/orange" isn't quite so cute. So my first task was to PLEAD with my husband to go get supplies, and erect a laundry line for me... apparently he fell deaf, poor dear. After about 2 months of pleading, I decided to take matter into my own hands. We happen to have a rather large deck on the back of our home, and the posts happen to be the perfect posts for a laundry line! So, I scampered off to Walmart, bought some clothesline and pins, and got to work. After about 10 minutes I had a marvelous (yet small) 3 row clothesline for my yummy little diapers to breeze and dry away on. I was thrilled! Since then, I have used that line every single day (with the exception of a rain or two here and there) and my diapers are as white and bright as the day I bought them, though not for lack of Stella trying to poop them up as much as possible!

So on top of all the excellent benefits that come from sunning (including stain removal, bacteria killing, and prolonging the life of your diapers) can we talk about how much sunning helps the wallet?!?! I never realized just how much electricity is consumed by doing one single load of laundry start to finish, so it really helps to cut down whenever I can. Not running the dryer consistently saves money from using less electricity, keeps my house from getting humid and hot (lets not talk about my rigged laundry room, k thanks), and gives my ears a break from that obnoxious end of cycle buzzing (WHO'S IDEA WAS THAT ANYWAY?!?!?). The only downside is that the diapers can get just a *little* crunchy feeling, so tossing in the dryer on air fluff for about 5 minutes with some dryer balls remedies that quick fast and in a hurry!

Long story short... save some money, save yourself from some vicious stain removal regime, save Mother Earth, and go get some vitamin D for both you and your fluffy goodness.