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Head to Head: bumGenius! and Fuzzi Bunz OS Diapers

Posted by Bryana on 9/28/2009 to Cloth Diaper Reviews

One Size One Size Diapers have become the latest rage in cloth diapering. Who doesn’t want the satisfaction of knowing they can buy all the diapers their baby will need in a single purchase!?! We have many customers come into our brick and mortar store to compare our best selling diaper, bumGenius! 4.0 Pocket Diaper, with the Fuzzi Bunz One Size Diaper. Both diapers are built with the same one-size diaper concept; they grow with the baby from birth to potty training.


The Fuzzi Bunz and bumGenius! one size diapers are cut pretty similar in length with the crotch of the Fuzzi bunz a tad bit more narrow, offering a trimmer stride. When fully open, the bumGenius! 4.0 Pocket Diaper has a sleek, trim look and fit. When compared to other diapers, the bumGenius! is sized about the same as medium sized diapers.

Sale trends show us there are many babies who must potty train when in size medium diapers, because we sell a significantly lower number of size large cloth diapers than size medium. We think this is an important factor to consider because it "could be" why we have NEVER received client feedback mentioning their baby or babies outgrew the bumGenius! 4.0 Pocket Diapers previous to potty training.

When comparing both diapers on two 2-year-old children, we have found that the Fuzzi Bunz One Size Diaper provides a bit fuller coverage with a better chance of the diaper fitting until potty training. However, some parents may feel the added fabric in the Fuzzi Bunz adds unwanted bulk or "poofy-ness" to the diaper during the newborn and infant stages.


Both diapers are constructed to grow with baby from birth to potty training, but each of these one size pocket diapers tackle this concept in very different ways.

The bumGenius! 4.0 Pocket Diaper adjusts with three rows of snaps affixed to the outside of the diaper. Simply snap-down either the small or medium snap-settings on the front panel, stuff in the insert, and then, secure the diaper to your baby.

The Fuzzi Bunz One Size Diaper adjusts using button-hole elastic found in both the waist and legs. This is the same concept as the elastic strips found in the waists of many children’s pants/shorts, as well as maternity pants/shorts.

Initially, setting your baby's size with the elastic strips can be quite cumbersome; the elastic has to be set, then tried on baby, then reset, then tried on again…until the right setting/fit is found. Still once it is set, it need only be readjusted when baby has a growth spurt - and then, you only need to let-out the elastic a smidgeon and re-button. Thinking smarter, not harder, Fuzzi Bunz added printed numbers along the elastic, making it easy for parents to refer to when initially setting or readjusting numerous diapers.

Many parents buy one size diapers so they can use the same diaper on multiple children simultaneously; this obviously cuts down on diaper clutter and the guess work of which diaper belongs to which child. Between the two one size diapers discussed here, the bumGenius! 4.0 Pocket Diaper would be the better option since the outside snap-settings are easy enough to adjust at each diaper change with three quick snaps. The built-in elastic adjustability of Fuzzi Bunz One Size Diapers would be too much to deal with at each diaper change.

If Fuzzi Bunz One Size Diapers fit the best on your child(ren), you can purchase different colors for each child to overcome the inconvenience of changing the elastic settings at each diaper change.


The bumGenius! 4.0 Pocket Diaper uses a hook and loop closure for quick and easy diaper changes. The hook and loop closure also provides a more custom fit without the limitation of snaps pre-set and affixed to the diaper. bumGenius! also have stretchy tabs, much like disposable diapers, for a snugger fit; this also allows for more mobility as the diaper can easily flex and move with the diapered child.

The downside to hook and loop closures is they wear out with extended use over a period of time. bumGenius! provides a replacement kit upon request, but if you don’t sew this may not be a viable option for you.

Fuzzi Bunz One Size Diaper secure close with two rows of snaps. One row is for the waist closure and the other is for the leg. In the beginning you may find the added step burdensome, but it is mastered easily and quickly.

The upside to snapping closures? You do not need to worry about them wearing out over time.


Each of the one size pocket diapers include two inserts used for added absorbency inside of the diaper. Without these inserts, the diapers are basically just diaper covers without any absorbency at all.

The bumGenius! 4.0 Pocket Diaper has a 3-layer, microfiber, one size insert that folds over and snaps down to match the size setting on the diaper. Each of the bumGenius! also come with a smaller, two layer, microfiber insert; intended for the newborn stage, this serves as a diaper doubler as babies' absorbency needs grow. The one size insert can be a little bulky on smaller babies since it has to fold-over for the smaller diaper setting.

Fuzzi Bunz One Size Diapers include two of their 4-layer, microfiber inserts in both the small and the medium/large size. The smaller insert is used with the smaller diaper settings and the medium/large insert on larger diaper settings. The different insert sizes in the Fuzzi Bunz tend to cut-down on the bulk a bit since there is no folding over involved.

All inserts included with both diapers provide an ample amount of absorption for their intended purpose.


The pocket opening in the Fuzzi Bunz One Size Diaper is pretty straight forward. At the back of the diaper is an easy access opening to insert and remove the absorbent insert.

The bumGenius! 4.0 Pocket Diaper opening is covered with a flap of material intended to block the opening after the insert is securely stuffed inside. Access is not as easy - especially when it is a messy diaper. If the mess travels up the back of the diaper (which we all know it does), your hands might get soiled when you try to pull the insert from the pocket prior to washing.

Just so you don't fret, there is a little bit of a thumb flip trick you can do to avoid touching any messes - insert your thumbs in the corners of the flap and flipping it over to expose the insert. Because there is no flap on the Fuzzi Bunz, no tricks are necessary in removing the insert from a soiled diaper.

There is an additional "insert stopper" feature in the body of the bumGenius! 4.0 Pocket Diaper. This "insert stopper" prevents clothes from getting wet in case the front of the diaper should roll outwards.


Let’s face it, cloth diapers get A LOT of use.

Diapers are worn every day and are washed every other day to every third day. No matter what they are made of, eventually they will wear out. One Size Diapers are no different; in fact, if anything, they will suffer far more washes and usage than other styles of cloth diapers.

How long do you think your favorite outfit will last if you wore it every day and washed it every other day for almost three years? Exactly!

The best tips we can provide for long lasting one size diapers are to buy a larger number of diapers for less rotation and less wear and tear. Also, hang-drying, rather than dryer drying, will help preserve both the elastic and closures.

bumGenius! 4.0 Pocket Diapers include hook and loop closures as well as sewn-in elastic. Generally, these are the first two things to wear out in a diaper. If you hope to use the same diapers on subsequent children, bumGenius! might not be the right choice for you; the chances of them making it is pretty low.

However, due to the snap closures and 100% replaceable elastic, the Fuzzi Bunz One Size Diaper has a much better chance of making it.

Which to choose?

The answer to this question really depends on your preferences as well as intended use.

bumGenius! 4.0 Pocket Diapers

  • smaller size may provide a trimmer fit
  • easy adjustability on outside of diaper ideal for use with multiple children simultaneously
  • quick change hook & loop closures with stretchy tabs
  • “insert stopper” helps prevent wicking if diaper front should roll out

Fuzzi Bunz One Size Diaper

  • larger size & fuller cut may provide better coverage in toddler years
  • “set it & forget it” adjustability does not have to be reset each time diaper is used
  • durable snap closures do not wear out over time
  • easy access pocket opening

Still not certain? Feel free to contact us for more information.