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Have you heard of the new Fresh Wrap from Diaper Rite?

Posted by Julie on 11/2/2011 to Cloth Diaper Accessories
You heard it, a new product from Diaper Rite!It's Fresh Wrap, an all natural solution designed to help you get more use out of your diaper covers, wraps and wetbags between washings.

One of the best reasons for using cloth diaper covers is that they don't need to be replaced with each diaper change, they can be reused over and over until you decide they're too soiled to use again. However, we know that often a cover will be damp or just a little funky and need a wipe down and that sometimes water just won't cut it.Diaper Rite Fresh Wrap diaper cover freshener with antibacterial & anti-fungal action is an all natural solution that you spray onto your diaper covers in between uses to freshen and deodorize. Maximize the amount of use you get out of your covers between washings by spritzing and wiping them down between each use.Our Diaper Rite Fresh Wrap works great for Wetbags too! Turn your wetbag inside out and wipe down with our Fresh Wrap spray to help prevent odors and prolong the life of your bag.Fresh Wrap comes in an 8oz bottle for just $9.95!


  • Quick Drying
  • Residue Free
  • Fresh Lemon Drop scent
  • All natural ingredients with antibacterial & anti-fungal action