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Have cloth diapers & breasts? What more do you need?

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 5/26/2008 to Natural Parenting
Having had more than one child, I remember a time when preparing the nursery meant more than checking my cloth diaper stash and purchasing a bit more Lansinoh for that first month of sore nipples.In fact, it meant MUCH MORE.

First, there was the rush to purchase an ungodly amount of "things", the stress of finding the right "this" and "that", and building a registry for everyone asking me what our nursery colors were and what did we want/need. I fell right into the trap of "Oh my, there is so much to BUY!" with my first child.

By the time my second child rolled around the nursery was still an issue, but we had saved many of the baby things from our first, so there was less to purchase - and even less that we realized we actually needed. And? I learned about and began to use cloth diapers on my baby. The use of cloth diapers changed my perspective entirely.

Third kid? I told everyone that I had my breasts and my cloth diapers, and there really wasn't anything else I needed. I did suggest they could take me out for dinner and a movie, but few took me up on that.

So, with this experience under my belt, I'm more than a bit amused, and somewhat perturbed, by what the media tells us we NEED. Have you seen some of the suggestions passed off as "Nursery Necessities"? You could feed a third world country with what the layette alone would cost you.One website had an Expectant Mother Guide" that included a ""Buying for Baby" Checklist. Seriously, how are Fireplace Bumpers a necessity? What about wallpaper or borders? Necessities? Really? Baby can't live without them?

The truth is you don't need much.In your baby's first days he/she will primarily do one of two things - eat and excrete.Have breast? Feed.Have cloth diapers? Catch the poo or pee.Outside of a car seat, a few onesies, a blanket or two and some really small socks, there is not much more needed to bring baby home, everything else is relatively non-essential and can be picked up here and there as needed.So save yourself the stress-enjoy your pregnancy, gather up your cloth diaper stash and prep your nipples for breastfeeding.And you'll be not just ready, but relaxed and ready.