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Grow a greener family

Posted by Bryana on 1/16/2007 to Green Living

Kaara and Chris Smith (center) with their children Will, Noah, Zoe and River, use environmentally friendly products and practices in their Laurel home.

1. Breast-feed your baby. Some say it's the most overlooked means of contributing to the health of our planet. It's renewable, creates no pollution, is supremely nutritious and in the United States alone saves an estimated $1,400 a year in medical care per breast-fed baby.

2. Use cloth diapers. The manufacture of disposable diapers generates 60 times more solid waste and uses 20 percent more raw materials like crude oil and wood pulp than cloth; more than twice as much water is used to manufacture a disposable than it takes to make and launder a cloth diaper for two years.

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