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GroVia Purrrfect Unicorn Combos are now in-stock!

Posted by Julie on 9/6/2016 to Cloth Diaper News
GroVia Purrrfect Unicorn Combos are now in-stock!

The Purrrfect Limited Edition Combos from GroVia is in-stock!

A "unicorn" is considered your most highly-sought after want or need.
From leggings to cloth diapers, "unicorn hunters" scour the web to find that must-have item for themselves or friends. The amazing team at GroVia has literally created a double unicorn--a highly sought after print WITH unicorns on it!
This limited edition Purrrrfect print also features kittens, rainbows, and shooting stars--it's purrrrfectly corny and adorable! Purrrrfect Combos Availability

The Purrrfect GroVia print is available in select product combos. There are 3 product combinations now available to choose from:
  • GroVia O.N.E. Diaper + Zippered Wet Bag
  • GroVia Hook & Loop Shell + Zippered Wet Bag
  • GroVia Snap Shell + Zippered Wet Bag
This is a very limited one-time stocking for Diaper Junction and we don't expect these unicorns to hang around long.

Click here to shop our Purrrfect in-stock selection and don't forget that USA shipping is FREE when your order totals $39 or more!