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GroVia All-In-One Cloth Diaper Review

Posted by Becca on 9/22/2010 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
I know what features I like in a diaper and most diapers don’t give me all of those features.

Up until using the Grovia AIO diaper, I definitely steered my diaper obsession to mostly one size pocket diapers. I have also grown a preference for diapers that snap (because of my daughter’s newest discovery that she can take off her hook and loop diapers all by herself) and for diapers that close in the front. In addition, I prefer diapers that are all natural over diapers with microfiber because, despite how amazingly absorbent microfiber is, it can get pretty stinky over time which creates the need for stripping.

Finding a pocket diaper that is also all natural is more difficult so I’ve settled on a couple of brands of pocket diapers as the first in my stash that I grab despite the fact that they are made of synthetic fibers. As for AIO diapers, I am definitely in favor of them because they are certainly the easiest diaper to use, but finding an AIO diaper that was also one size fits all (most) seemed somewhat difficult, and besides, AIOs take forever to dry. And then, Diaper Junction sent me the Grovia AIO One Size diaper and all my diaper opinions and preferences changed.So, what do I like about it?

The Materials: I love the materials in the Grovia AIO. This diaper is soft, inside and out. The closure tabs are very stretchy and so gentle against my baby’s skin. Because they’re stretchy, they are very easy to close despite the fact that they are side snaps. In fact, my opinion of side snapping diapers has changed after using this diaper. The outer waterproof layer of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is also soft and gently and easily conforms to my baby’s shape. The inside of this diaper is my favorite part. It’s made of the softest, 100% natural, knit cotton and it’s very absorbent. One soaker layer is sewn in on one end so that you never need to stuff. Because it’s only sewn in on one end, it also dries quickly. I line dry my Grovia AIO with the rest of my pockets and it dries just as fast. In case one layer of absorbency isn’t enough for your baby, there is a second layer that snaps in. With both layers, there is plenty of absorbency should you need it.

The Fit: This diaper is very trim. As I just mentioned, there are two absorbent layers that come with a Grovia AIO diaper. One is sewn in, and the other is optional. I use both layers with my little Bunny all the time, and the diaper is amazingly trim compared to some of my other diapers. It would be even more trim if I were to choose not to use the booster. The stretchy side-snap closures provide an amazing waist fit, and the tummy panel is nice and tight against her skinny tummy so that she never leaks, even though she sleeps on her belly with her knees tucked up under her and her bottom in the air. As with most one size diapers, there are three sets of snaps on the rise to provide for small, medium, and large babies. Since my daughter was about 18lbs when I first tried this diaper, I have no idea how well it would fit a newborn, but I’m sure it will fit babies larger than her just fine.

The Colors:
My Grovia AIO diaper came in cosmos with is a lovely light pink. It is also available in ice (a minty blue), and vanilla (off-white). Though I love the colors that are offered, it would be really great if Grovia could come up with a few more options.

Washing and Drying: This diaper is just as easy to wash as all of my other diapers. With my HE washing machine, I find that it’s necessary to have more rinses than a regular washing machine might have, but other than that, the wash is easy. I rinse, then wash, then rinse again. Then, I line dry the AIO part of the diaper and machine dry the snap in doubler. I’ve had my Grovia for over a month now and there is no visible staining on the diaper after washing it this way with all natural, additive-free detergent and without any fabric softener. What’s best about this diaper, though, is that it never has the funky smell that microfiber is prone to. Even if she’s used the diaper all night, the actual fibers of the diaper don’t retain the ammonia from her urine nearly as much as synthetic fibers do which means that the diaper smells fresh when clean, and only moderately nasty when soiled.

All Natural
I have also found that all natural fibers mean less rashes for my little one’s sensitive bottom. She tends to get rashes the most when she’s sat in a poopy diaper for more than a couple minutes, and I usually cure those rashes with some all natural fibers against her skin—fibers such as the 100% cotton found in Grovia diapers. I really wish I’d found this diaper a lot earlier in my cloth diapering journey.Currently, I have way to many diapers to rationalize buying a couple more Grovia AIOs but if I were to start cloth diapering all over again with what I know now, I would most likely have a majority of Grovia’s in my stash. It is definitely my favorite. If you’re in the market for a great One-size, easy to use, all natural diaper, then this is the diaper for you.

Contributed by:  Becca is a part time Spanish Teacher, a part time Stay-at-home-mom, and the wife of the best husband imaginable. Becca’s absolute favorite thing to do is to spend time with her little family. She also enjoys doing anything crafty – from making jewelry, to writing, to sewing, to photography.