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Go Green with our TOP 5 Eco-Friendly Home Products!

Posted by Julie on 6/24/2018 to Green Living
Go Green with our TOP 5 Eco-Friendly Home Products!

Never before has it been more important to switch from disposable to reusable or biodegradable household products. Did you know there's a sea of plastic in the Pacific Ocean roughly the size of Texas?

Beyond Disposables: Switching the ENTIRE house to cloth!

Posted by Becca on 6/8/2015 to Green Living
disposables,clothI don’t know about you, but once I decided not to pay for paper diapers that would only be tossed in the trash, I started reconsidering the use of other disposable items my family

Baby's First Christmas, Keepsake Gift Ideas

Posted by Becca on 11/26/2014 to Green Living
baby's first christmasMy daughter was only two and a half months old when her first Christmas came. She was still young and hadn’t really mastered the art of grabbing or playing. Her best play was done through eye contact and smiles that first Christmas. She didn’t have any interest in ripping open paper packages and was barely learning to grasp things with her tiny fingers. (read more)

TEN Great Gift Ideas for all-ages from

Posted by Julie on 11/25/2014 to Green Living
green giftsLooking for the perfect gift? Then look no further than Diaper Junction! With so many products for moms, babies, and kids, you are sure to find what you need at a great price. Need some ideas to get you started? Check out these Top 10 gift ideas you can find at Diaper Junction today!

TWENTY great uses for Coconut Oil

Posted by Julie on 8/28/2014 to Green Living
coconut oilThe use of coconut oil has become a popular trend in the health food and medical industry over the last few years. Derived, as you would imagine, from mature coconuts, this so-called “miracle cure-all” is high in saturated fat but does not contain cholesterol. Reported health benefits

DIY Birthday Party Decor, Make your own streamers!

Posted by Becca on 7/28/2014 to Green Living
diy party decorMy little Baby Bear just had his 1 year birthday! Already. My, how the time flies! As I began to plan his birthday party, I couldn’t help but remember where I was this time last year: still suffering from morning sickness for another month followed by the malaise that comes with being 9 months

Frugal Parenting: 15 FREE Toys You Already Have at Home

Posted by Becca on 7/26/2014 to Green Living
free toysI don’t know how many times I’ve heard myself and other parents say: “I don’t know why I buy him toys. He’s just as happy with the cardboard box!” When my son was teething, I bought all sorts of organic, wooden, rubber, wool, and other all natural teethers, but he was happier chewing on canning rings or an empty potato chip bag. My

Mom to Mom: Overwhelmed by clean living?

Posted by Becca on 6/29/2014 to Green Living
clean livingMy son was sick a month or two ago. I posted something about it on Facebook asking for prayers and advice. I received lots of the normal well­ wishes, empathies, and advice. It was all very comforting. Then, I received a very, well­ meaning message from one of my (Read more...)

DIY Cloth Diaper Cake featuring Prefolds and Diaper Covers!

Posted by Julie on 6/14/2014 to Cloth Diaper How-To
cloth diaper cake,baby showerHeaded to a baby shower for someone who will be cloth diapering their newborn? Learn to make an awesome cloth diaper cake for decoration or a gift!

The recipient will thank you, we promise!

Easter Candy Overload, Tips for coping with kids and sugar!

Posted by Becca on 4/18/2014 to Green Living
easter,sugar,candyIs it just me? Am I the only one who cringes every time a holiday comes near and I know my daughter is going to be given massive amounts of tooth­ decaying, diabetes­ inducing, chemical­ laden, metabolism­ killing candy? I hope not.

Does the Southeast LOVE cloth diapers more than the rest of the USA?

Posted by Julie on 4/8/2014 to Cloth Diaper Humor
cloth diapers,regions,cloth diaper useThe United States can be divided into approximately FIVE regions, for the purpose of this post we're using this map as our guide.

Lately we've gotten to wondering, according to who shops at Diaper Junction for cloth diapers...(Read more...)

Mom to Mom: 25 Things I Never Thought I'd do as a Mom

Posted by Becca on 3/31/2014 to Green Living
motherhoodBefore kids it's not uncommon to come up with all sorts of grandiose ideas of what kind of a parent you'll be, the things you will or will not allow your kids to do, eat, say, etc.

This is MY list of 25 things I never thought I'd do before I became a mom. What are some of yours?

Amber Teething Jewelry, Does it really work?

Posted by Julie on 1/23/2014 to Family Focus
baltic amber teething, teething remedyI never used Baltic amber with my daughter. I considered it, but I just never got around to it. Also, I wasn’t convinced it wasn’t some weird, hippy superstition thing. She never seemed to need it either, now that I think of it. Her first teeth came in at around nine months of age and they came slowly and without too much drama. I think that by the time

Gift Shopping for All Natural Parents, What can you buy?

Posted by Becca on 1/14/2014 to Green Living
babyHave you noticed that there are two types of parents when it comes to baby gear?

There’s the mainstream parent who uses Johnson & Johnson products and has a changing table full of disposables and a room full of plastic toys, and there’s the all natural

Tips For Treating Eczema Naturally

Posted by Becca on 1/7/2014 to Green Living
coconut oil,eczema,baby,treatmentSensitive skin runs in my family. When I was a little girl, my skin cracked and burned painfully every time the cold, New England winters would make their way back around again. I lived on Chap Stick, petroleum jelly, and lotions of any and every kind. Now, both my babies suffer from some type of sensitive skin, having unfortunately inherited my skin (Read more...)
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