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Great Cloth Diaper Change Virginia Beach = SUCCESS!

Posted by Julie on 5/11/2013 to Cloth Diaper News
On April 20, 2013 here at Diaper Junction in Virginia Beach we attempted for the 3rd year in the row to set help set a new Guinness World Record for most cloth diaper changes worldwide and we of course planned to break our own record from the previous year.great cloth diaper change,gcdc2013,real diaper association,virginia beach

Our GCDC 2013 event was a huge success thanks to our wonderful vendors, volunteers and attendees. This post it for you!

Operation "Success"

We couldn't be more pleased with the turnout to our 3rd Annual Great Cloth Diaper Change event. Our parking lot was loaded with vendors including Jamberry Nails, ASPCA, Chiropractors, Twisted Sisters Cupcakes, Orange Diaper Co, other hardworking sewing wahms and several others. Little ones enjoyed a coloring table and bounce house and raffle tickets were sold to benefit the Real Diaper Association for $1 each.

Early on the line at our registration table began to grow and we kept a close eye on the numbers. Last year we changed 91 babies that counted toward the official Guinness World Record. This year we had almost double that RSVP but the weather was a bit overcast and we knew it may deter some of our guests.

Ultimately when Valerie counted down on her bull horn "3...2...1...Change those diapers!" We ended up with 93 babies changed! We were ecstatic to have broken our previous year's record. Our Raffle Ticket sales resulted in $710 donated to the RDA thanks to all our generous sponsors. Without those amazing prizes we really couldn't have done it. Special thanks to some of our Grand Prize sponsors Thirsties, Ergo and Boba.

One of the most memorable activities at our GCDC event was our "I cloth diaper because______" table. Guests were encouraged to write the reasons they choose to cloth diaper their babies and then they had their photo taken with their sign. We just loved seeing all the responses.

Our Great Cloth Diaper Change just gets better year after year and we love getting to connect and have fun with our local cloth diapering community. Thank you to everyone who attended, the volunteers, the vendors, and the babies who let their mamas and papas change them. Surprisingly I don't remember hearing any screaming or crying.

For a look at our GCDC and some of the "I cloth diaper because" photos taken please watch our youtube video below.